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    Hicks Will Not Be Suspended

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    Zach Miller Signing One Year Deal With Bears

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    Clay Matthews - Ball to Face

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    New details emerge regarding Roquan Smith robbery case

    New details emerge regarding Roquan Smith robbery case By Connor Riley, DawgNation staff May 5, 2018 There are new details regarding the reported robbery in Athens of former Georgia linebacker Roquan Smith, whose helmet and jersey were reportedly stolen. It appears that much more was taken...
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    Mic'd Up: Kyle Long

    I apologize that this isn't another Cutler/Pace/Fox/Loggains/Life/Penis sucks thread, but thought some of you may enjoy the Kyle Long Mic'd Up video from yesterdays game.
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    Official bears vikings foodblogthread :

    Chicken tortas. Got some nice telera rolls. Simmering chicken thighs in adobo peppers Shredding that layering on buttered grilled torta rolls with refried beans, queso fresco, avocado, red salsa, tomato, pickled onion, jalapeño, shredded romaine hearts, creme fraiche. Gonna pet my non...
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    Will Robbie Gould ever make another FG?

    Not looking like it. Right?
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    Bryce Callahan looks like he might be a successful Bears experiment

    The Broncos defense will look familiar to John Fox on Sunday and presents a fresh reminder of how quickly the coach can build a top-notch unit on that side of the ball. The Broncos were 31st in the NFL the year before Fox was hired and quickly vaulted up the rankings, and now they're ranked No...
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    Gase's Play Calling

    Someone brought up something about Gase and his play calling, and it got me thinking... Gase knew what he was doing when calling all those WR screens!!! Gase knew he had to be creative and have the oline block for the shortest possible time while still moving the defense so they can't tee off...
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    Kyle Long Mic'd Up Fuel for the meatball inside of you.
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    How To Create Safe Pressure On Aaron Rodgers

    "By knowing which way the center turns, a defensive coordinator can use twists and line stunts to the man-side of the protection to pressure the quarterback with four and five rushers. On the man-blocked side of the line, twists and stunting players along the defensive front can “pick” a blocker...
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    Bear's Depth Chart

    Zach Zaidman ‏@ZachZaidman 1h1 hour ago The latest #Bears depth chart
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    Bears Sign WR Ify Umodu

    Brad Biggs ‏@BradBiggs 1h1 hour ago #Bears sign WR Ify Umodu, who was a tryout player at May rookie minicamp. He takes place of LB Jamil Merrell, who was placed on waivers. Brad Biggs ‏@BradBiggs 1h1 hour ago Umodu is an undrafted rookie free agent from Northern Arizona. Had 47 catches, 692...
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    Justin Houston Tagged

    "@AdamSchefter: Game of tag is underway: Chiefs officially placed their franchise tag on LB Justin Houston, per team source." Most saw this coming. But now it is done.
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    Google and NFL deal puts football highlights on YouTube

    "There's now an NFL YouTube channel for official highlights, and Google will also show video, scores, broadcast times and other info in its search results. For instance, typing in "New England Patriots" now brings up the score and a recap of the team's AFC championship game against the Colts...