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  • Dude, how did you become such an internet"tough guy", man so fricken cool. Kinda weird you love stalking dudes on this site while making gay jokes. You've probably experiences many men in your man cave and multiple at once.
    I'm only 150 lbs and want to gain weight. So I'm the complete opposite of a fat fuck. Thanks for the dislike, it really hurt......
    Typical response. Hope we become friends one day, as for now, good day. :)
    well a dislike bomb is when you get other members to try and dislike one person a whole bunch at once, which you tried to do. Have a nice day :) and I see you took my comment, "Go cry to a mod per usual after being disliked" and tried using it against me? Odd. You started the game, I'm just playing by the rules. :)
    be advised that since a dislike bomb is against the rules, repercussions may be authorized by the mods. they are aware of the plan as well. have a nice day and I hope we can be friends again one day :)
    I am aware of your planned dislike bomb on me. Too bad all your friends are banned...and that it's against the rules :)

    have a good day, hope we can move past this :)
    Maybe so and dude has got to go through some learnin' about tolerance, but two wrongs don't make a right.
    lol, Grim on slackster. I tried looking for you guys on Chatzy. Tell Grim I said hi.
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