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    Harbaugh or Daboll?

    Why not both? The Bears have been losers for years, why not try something different and hire two head coaches? Think about it
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    Nagy Era Leaks

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    George Pickens, WR, Georgia

    That's a taunting penalty. I don't want this fucker on our team
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    Nagy Era Leaks

    Mitch has a HOF ceiling and will do great things in the NFL. I’ve said this since day one: once Rodgers leaves Green Bay, the Packers will sign Mitch. He will outcompete the bust that is Jordan Love. Mitch will become the next great Packers QB.
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    count me in
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    “As long as Ted Phillips is there I don’t want anything to do with Chicago”

    No, I won’t. (NFL GM candidate here)
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    Doug Pedo

    Honestly though, both games that were Nagy vs. Peterson I always felt like the Bears were thoroughly outcoached. . Nagy had a way more talented team, but Peterson was by far a better coach.
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    Doug Pedo

    And you think THAT makes a good leader of men? Pounding a BEER in front of dozens?
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    A realistic look into next year

    I am almost always right and made a great super realistic simulation of next year
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    Is Nagy saving his job?

    The Bears had the most impressive dominant win this week. This team would destroy the playoffs
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    How do you remember how to get here?

    Thank you for the tip
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    How do you remember how to get here?

    Bears fans - how do you remember how to get to this part of the forum? please respond to the poll
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    Michigan Georgia game

    Pretty sure he's boycotting it, believes the OP of other thread has committed war crimes of some sort