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    Official CCS Grillmasters thread

    I was really trying to hang with you mad scientist chefs, then "ping pong balls".
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    Vegas Baby!

    I gotta party with this maniac!
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    Vegas Baby!

    Sure, go on vacation, eat too much, drink too much, gamble too much... The Bally's Sterling Sunday Brunch is different, all you can eat Lobster tails? GTFO! The downside is, it's now 1:30 PM, you have the whole day in front of you to enjoy wonderful Las Vegas. But now you have a couple pounds...
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    Vegas Baby!

    That is the best buffet I have ever been to. The lobster was as good as I have ever had anywhere. If you feel like slumming it, try the crab legs.
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    Vegas Baby!

    Any degenerate gambler Bears fans with casino hosts should make the call and put in a ticket request. I'm retired now and have an ex-wife that I'm still friends with that has a beautiful home in Vegas. Great pool/hot tub, beautiful new grill, and a great dispensary around the corner. Homepage...
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    Vegas Baby!

    The most traveled to regular season away game in Bears History?
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    SB odds drop after Dalton signing

    It's almost impossible to get that kind of information off the internet.
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    Official CCS Grillmasters thread

    "Gone to a restaurant" you retarded spud!
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    Official CCS Grillmasters thread

    Did I say Dago Burger? I meant "Luck O' the Irish" .
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    Official CCS Grillmasters thread

    Dago Burger 10 oz beef patty, arugula, Irish Cheddar, pastrami hash, Guinness braised onions, fried egg, Jameson glaze, & potato bun
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    Why the hell are you a bears fan?

    My thanks to your Dad!
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    Two Bears Games On Today/Tonight 3/3

    NFL Network 3PM Bears Falcons 9/27/20 7PM Bears Lions 9/13/20
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    Peter King: Bears gaining momentum for Russell Wilson

    Read the article???? LOL Maybe read part of the thread title at best!
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    Bears Fan Roll-Call: Introduce Yourself And Start Posting!

    " Shiner candied pecan porter "