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  • Hey man.
    Pliny the Elder is not coming my way this Christmas. My cousin says it is impossible. He thinks he has a way to get their "Blind Pig" I've never had it. He says he likes it better than PTE. If I can get that, are you interested in swapping that?
    Hawk bear and I are gonna get something rolling around new years. But I am down to swap with you as well. I'm a hop guy.
    What do you like?
    What's up with the ban? I'm into my third day and I have zero clue why or for how long? You respond to none of my message?
    I wish there was a way to disable people from making any thread that contained the words "Jay Cutler" anywhere in the thread title or post itself.
    Funny how the Bears forum seemed coming near a death before the Packers game and then it exploded with just shit upon shit of threads lol.
    Can't thank you enough for posting that NFL Sunday Ticket via Madden thread. Just moved to a new city and had no idea how I was going to watch the Bears games, now I have a safe option for a year while I get acclimated. You are the man. Max +rep
    Hey man -- I'm gonna be out of town for a cpl days -- be home Sunday afternoon. If you don't care, keep reminding ppl to have their answers to the panel questions in by Sunday @ 1pm. Thanks dude. Good luck!
    Oh yeah? Keyboard?

    Ideally, something that is new enough that I can save compositions to a flash drive, and has different beat options. Something like a Casio CTK-501 would suffice if the price was right. Thanks.
    I agree about the new poster...and I believe he's running on a proxy. Not quite sure, his iP couldn't be resolved.

    regardless, I can't do anything until he does something, but thanks for pointing it out :)
    Does "Bears Fans from Out of Town" sound like a good name for the suggested section? I think it works, because nobody is nit-picking whether it's global, or national, ect. It's everyone and anyone that wants to make use of it.

    If we throw that together, will you help us get the ball rolling on it, because you likely can ID the guys from CBMB that made use of such a subforum.
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