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  • I agree about the new poster...and I believe he's running on a proxy. Not quite sure, his iP couldn't be resolved.

    regardless, I can't do anything until he does something, but thanks for pointing it out :)
    Does "Bears Fans from Out of Town" sound like a good name for the suggested section? I think it works, because nobody is nit-picking whether it's global, or national, ect. It's everyone and anyone that wants to make use of it.

    If we throw that together, will you help us get the ball rolling on it, because you likely can ID the guys from CBMB that made use of such a subforum.
    Do you have streaming capability? As in do you know how? I could stream if I had the games but I don't have the package. We don't need a private server, we could stream it on Justin.TV and just put the channel under Pets or Gardening and put a password on it. Then only invite people from CCS & CBMB with a password.
    Hey, didn't expect to see ya join that fast, but Im glad you checked it out.
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