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  • Damn, that band is good. I looked them up on itunes and they have a lot of good shit. Some of it kinda sounds like Bonamassa.

    Have you heard of Taddy Porter? They have a blues sound to them too. I'm always looking for music like this haha
    Oh shit... I never even noticed your last VM hahahaha. Never heard of Alabama Shakes.
    I have no idea haha. I actually heard this song a little while ago and I had to shazam it [app on a phone to detect songs. in case you didn't know of it] to find out who it was.. I don't know much about them or their other stuff though.
    I was thinking "push them off the ledge" but talking them off works too. :shifty:
    Sounds like a lot of Bears fans actually hahaha. Maybe not that extreme though. I'm gonna guess that this season will be full of that shit though.
    Right now, I can't really tell who's a good poster from there. There's so many of them hahaha. I can't remember who says something smart and who says something dumb consistently. I just hope most of them aren't extremely biased hahaha. I'll just see how you respond to certain users and see if I can weed out the bad ones :shifty:
    So you came from CBMB a while ago? What made you stick around before everyone else came? hahaha.
    thanks! I am just trying to figure out the second sport I get. I already have hockey, and I'm trying to decide if braving the cold weather is worth it for the football games, or if I'd rather see their actually competitive basketball team.
    hey I have a question for you. have you ever been to a Gopher football game and a Gopher basketball game? If you've been to both which did you enjoy more? If you've only been to one, tell me how you liked it. And if you've been to neither which have you heard is fun to go to. Thanks!
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