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  • Hi! Congrats on being a mod! I am sorry but I can't control little sensitive men that take offense to opinions about their football team. If you could kindly point to rules violations I have committed I would gladly take it under advisement. Until then, please let those idiots "quit" and tell them to STFU... because guess what? THEY ALWAYS COME BACK!

    This site was quite the cesspool of moronic homers before Rush made the correct decision to unban the premium posters that were unjustly banned in the first place.

    Feel free to PM me if you want this conversation to be private and not public on my public profile wall.

    Congrats again, I think you and FT will make great additions to the mod staff. Also sincerely sorry to hear about your pup... I have a 4 year old GSD that is already running into health issues :(
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