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    NFL writer with video proof on Trubisky's terrible accuracy-- good breakdown of film

    And in other news Jimmy G in San Fran is undefeated and looking promising as before his injury. We should have traded for him.
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    We need to move on from mitch

    I was a huge Trubisky supporter, but after watching him yesterday he was god awful. It doesn't help when history keeps bringing up Mahommes and Watson taken after him. Its the same QB situation as always in Chicago, Grossman, Cutler now Trubisky.
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    ***OFFICIAL Draft Thread***

    Anybody surprised we didn't take a olineman. I dont think the bears have good depth and Kyle long is probably another injury from being done.
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    7[238] Bears draft CB Stephen Denmark

    At 6 "4 216 and 4.4 speed he should add 20 pounds and become a linebacker.
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    Bears select WR Riley Ridley with the 126th pick

    Solid player who was consistent and played well against good competition. Dont forget javon wims who I think has potential.
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    Kings of the North

    Felt even better against the packers. Could have been more decisive if nagy didnt get too cute with trick plays.
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    Defense wins the game

    The positive we can go head to head against any offense in the league. However mitch was awful, I know hes rusty and still developing, but I wouldn't have a problem if he was benched during the game and I'm a huge trubs supporter. I hope he improves. Also parker is still unreliable.
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    A few bright spots this season: draft picks

    Leonard Floyd while very unpolished has 3 sacks so far. 2 vs GB and forced fumble in the end zone which led to our only score. Espn and some local chicago papers were quick to praise him as future player we can build with. Props also to Howard Jordan who has looked good as a starter and Cody...