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    Vegas Baby!

    Good luck on the hotel and airfare as well. Every hotel on or near the strip went up $100+ per night that weekend the minute the schedule was announced. Caesars and MGM monopoly of the strip sucks.
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    The Rookies Together For A Picture

    AntMill isn’t gonna be cool with all those different rival gang signs being displayed.
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    NFL schedule leaks concerning the Bears

    Any news on when that party in Las Vegas is happening? I’ve got airfare and a hotel to book before there is a supply/demand imbalance.
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    How Do You Picture Teven Jenkins?

    Do you suppose that he has one of those funky color thousand dollar suits with the pants about four inches too short so we can see his ankles too?
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    Concern for lack of picks

    Love the draft picks so far and understand that losing the picks were a cost of business. My biggest concern in this area would center around LT. If Pace isn’t able to take care of this position in free agency next year, he may have to dip into mortgaging a piece out of 2023 in next years...
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    Day 3 Targets

    The discussion is about the current 2021 draft, not 2022.
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    ***2021 NFL Draft IGT*** - Day 2

    You don’t think getting a new piece of ass to grab will make Aaron happy again?
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    Teven Jenkins, RT

    Watch the Packers piss off Rodgers even more?
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    I love the pick!

    I’m in shock that I’m not going bed hating what Pace did tonight.
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    Pace, Nagy, Future.

    I’m a 180 from the OP. No subsiding of frustration here. I’d still love to see these two egotistical phonies bitched slapped and fired. Get your KY out this afternoon. Pace is gonna pull some stupid ass shit tonight to show that he is smarter than everyone else.
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    IST: Cubs v Braves

    Any Netflix recommendations?
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    Mock Draft - First Time Posting

    Q. Why did the monk not get into the monastery? A. He lost his monkeys.
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    Would you ever not be a Bears fan ?

    I’ve considered taking one for the team and becoming a Packer fan. It would ensure that the Packers suck for decades at a time, thus saving the great Bears fans of continued misery. But hate the Packers so much that I’d rather just keep rolling through this abusive Bears relationship. It keeps...
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    Since the draft is this week, post your "Called It!" Here

    I predict no OL until after rd 3. Pace will claim the draft didn’t fall the way he had hoped and had a boner for a WR, CB and future back up QB.
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    IST: Cubs vs Brew Crew

    Outscore the opponent 18-12 but lose the series. This is exactly what is wrong with this team and why advanced analytics lie. Steady and consistent run production is way more important that this hit out of the park or nothing bull shit.