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    Thank God For That Elite Defense

    Seriously, who knew that Pace brought in Mack and Quinn to be DB #6 and 7 in obvious passing downs. CCS went 0-fer on that concept.
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    Any update on Akiem Hicks?

    So why is that pussy Graham the only guy listed as non injury/resting vet? What gets a player qualified for this perk and why doesn’t anyone else take advantage of it?
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    Carson Wentz could be a Bear next season

    Holy crap did they completely back end that terrible contract. They are hosed bigly.
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    One re-org idea i havent heard discussed

    Pace is no way qua Pace has no qualifications to handle TP’s responsibilities that include overseeing: Corp Finance, Tax, Legal, Marketing, Customer Service, Real Estate, etc etc. What you are proposing would require a McCaskey reorganization rather than replace TP. And I agree with the group...
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    One re-org idea i havent heard discussed

    Are you proposing that Pace takes over the financial affairs of the McCaskey’s? Their current CFO or Cliff Stein would be much better alternatives. What qualifications does Pace have to manage corporate finance? Mismanaging player salary cap is not the same ball game as corporate finance.
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    Perfect Offseason in your mind

    Opt outs with less guaranteed maybe. I love watching his flash and brilliance when it works, but I think that causes us to way over value his true overall worth. Assuming he reverts back to his 2018 year imo is bad gamble. The truth for Javy is probably somewhere in between 2018 and his 2020...
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    Perfect Offseason in your mind

    Hard pass on giving Baez $184 million.
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    Who’s calling plays vs packers?

    I’d try letting Foles go hurry up and call his own plays.
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    rewatched vikings game - Offense needs Poll

    Why in the hell are you worried about the Bears issues? Get your brother in-law into AA.
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    Ok pony up mfs

    If Mitch goes elsewhere and is a decent QB, I will forever stop using one of my favorite sayings...You can’t fix stupid.
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    The Problem With Firing Pace

    So did you end up ditching that cheating drunk?
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    Mitch is in a witness protection program. Nick will still be flopping around on the ground like a fish out of water. It’s time for Bray to get whacked around like a ping pong ball. After that, direct snaps to Patterson.
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    Bench foles when mitch is healthy

    Since there is no point to actually winning a game, how about giving each offensive lineman an assigned week that they will play QB. Sometimes a different perspective is enlightening. Being whacked by a dude with a ten yard running start while looking down field might help them understand what...
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    Ryan Pace and Nagy are getting fired

    I hope your resume is up to date and the severance package is generous. Best of luck on your venture.
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    Bye week plan

    Let’s hope that George has at least hired his outside search firm already, so he knows who to target as Pace’s replacement sooner rather than later when that target may be getting scooped up to go elsewhere. And the sooner they find Pace’s replacement the better chance they will have at not...