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  • Haaahaa. You are a funny guy. Did my post hurt your whittle feelings? Your man crush for Pace getting in the way of good judgment? Your whittle feelings hurt? Lol. Gtf outta here!
    It's hilarious how so many still overlook Duprees athleticism. Here's a 270 pound kid that has been running around in a manner that that exceeds the athleticism that Urlacher had at the same age, & they can't seem to recognize it or pay it any real credence. Even though any idiot with two seeing eyes should have problem seeing the obvious that's all but slapping them in the face with this kid on tape. But yet when a one dimensional 240 tweener that gets by on nothing but running arcs around slow footed colligate tackles, & runs around like a lot of 240 pound athletes do with similar 40 times, they lose their fuckin' minds over it. They're beyond stupid.

    I believe Dupree is going to be both an elite athlete & football player. However the strong possibility always stands that he, like many prospects may not put it together. In spite of that, no one with the IQ of above a slug can realistically deny the kids pure athletic ability, football aside. The kid isn't an athlete, he's a freak.
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