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  1. Devorced

    happy belated father's day to bob. what a guy
  2. Chicago Bears offensive line ranks 31st in NFL according to PFF

    don't care, the secondary is gonna be LIT - special teams too probably average at least 1 pick 6/punt return TD/KO return TD per game to make up for Offensive deficiencies
  3. Bears couldn't afford Jarvis Landry

    no dipshit, Justin will be released mid-game b/c he's an Ohio St qb and they are not allowed to ever be good in nfl, ever. duh
  4. Sports Illustrated projects the Chicago Bears hit their rock bottom in new power rankings

    The OL talent is worse, the WR talent is worse. The O was already bottom 3 so yea, it could be a really scary. My only hope is Nagy was so fucking bad that it's addition by subtracting his dumbass.
  5. What's the most important thing for the Bears this season?

    Interceptions. They went all in on fixing the Def backfield so anything less than 50 INT on the season will be a huge disappointment.
  6. Brisker 28th best graded prospect overall

    can he catch passes as a WR too?
  7. A 2nd round WR isn’t going to make or break Justin Fields' career.

    The 1st pick CB, I'm cool with that. To double down and take another def back at 48 and then see 4 of the next 6 picks be WR - I think there was a fuck up done there and I'm of the belief at least 1 of those 4 WR is gonna be tearing shit up next season b/c there was some really good talent...
  8. A 2nd round WR isn’t going to make or break Justin Fields' career.

    the fact of the matter is the Bears continue to spend more resources on D then O and the league just don't function that way anymore. gotta have a qb, ol and weapons. might have a qb, weapons are nothing special and the OL is one of the worst. but the secondary gonna be lit next season...
  9. Poles is live now

    Poles never sleeps
  10. Brisker will be a Pro Bowler

    The WR the Bears didn't draft in the 2nd will have over 1k yards, multiple TDs and will greatly improve his teams Offense. but yea, the Bears have a pro bowl S on a 5-12 team that can't move the ball and score points due to lack of weapons, per usual
  11. A lil sumpin for the emo crowd.

    I stated it in another thread but my point is I think the Bears would have been better off drafting a WR in the 2nd and S in 3rd. I think Poles fucked up and the WR passed on in the 2nd would be more likely to be a difference maker than a S
  12. God, what a bunch of menstruating drama queens... Bears got BETTER.

    I think the disparity between the WR they could have drafted in the 2nd vs who they did draft in the 3rd is going to be the size of the grand canyon compared to the safety play of who they drafted in the 2nd and could have had in the 3rd. but fuck offense and bear down with a great D cuz that's...
  13. Poles a scared little boy

    Old lady Virginia regaling stories of winning fb games 100 yrs ago by a score of 7-3 has Poles scared straight. gotta get those DBs cuz Fuck Offense in Chicago
  14. Bears should have taken the top receiver on their board.

    it's gonna sting so bad. but hey the Bears awesome DB crew tipped one of AR12's passes preventing a TD in a 37-6 loss to GB. stellar play from the Bears secondary while the WRs had a total of 16 catches for 48 yards
  15. Not surprising that WR wasn't taken in second.

    so new regime but same old Fuck offense in Chicago. already looking forward to watching other competent teams play this fall and put points on the board while the Bears keep attempting to win with D and special teams