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  • Yea, my point was, as far as play ability, pretty pointless. What Windy mentioned below makes more sense.
    India is majority Hindu and Pakistan has never had any significant beef with Israel. Further if any Muslim nation tried to nuke Israel, they would be obliterated and the West would use it as a perfect excuse to take over and seize their oil and resources. It's suicide.
    sorry man I really do love you, what did you want me to do blow the guy? lay off the kush, try some shatter...maybe something more perky like a jack herer?
    dislike me ya ***...How is Nagy better than Clements? Their proven resume would argue other wise. Clements has been a success at everything he's done since the 1990's with the Buffalo Bills. Nagy has one outstanding year. But yeah Nagys supposedly the definite better coach. Based on supposed circumstances you have no more of a clue about than any other fan that is on the field.
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