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  • pretty much... then his argument went back to square one and calling FT a tool and needs to get laid. His life has nothing to dfo with the thread. And calling FT a tool in every post proves that he has no facts to show and he has to cover his ass
    I had school and sleep to attend to cuz i fucked my neck up lol so I'm not MIA now but hey atleast we got 35 pages of entertainment out of it right? lol
    Could you add "OT" for Off topic in front of my top 15 players of All time list in the Bulls Forum?

    How about I share the one I wrote about prospects and then we'll see what happens. If Rush wants to feature it, that's cool too.
    I don't see why anyone would be opposed to it... as long as it doesn't overflow. Waldo is the main Cubs writer anyway, don't see why he'd be opposed to someone else writing/posting articles as long as he had a chance to still write as well. Not like I'm suggesting you take over CCS with your articles, but just pop in with some of your longer/more analytical articles/blog posts, the ones that nobody here would take so much time to write.
    I was thinking like how Waldo quotes his entire articles in posts... you could have like a prefix and suffix saying: Name of Article (linked) Originally content of World Series Dreaming (linked)

    and then do like a quote or something.

    I bet Rush would actually like that, I figured it would be you that would be more likely not too, more content for CCS too... or maybe not do every article, but maybe like the more important ones or one every few days or something. :shrug:
    Duke Vs. Kansas IGT 11/23/11 - Maui Invitational CHAMPIONSHIP - #1 ACC Sports Forum l ACC Basketball, Football, etc. Go there. It's rush's other site. We've got an IGT for Duke in there. Sign up - referrer me, you get boats and hoes.
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