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    Is there anyway we can upgrade Leno?

    Look at both of the teams lines that just played in the SB, and where the players where drafted. If the Bears draft a guy in rounds 4-5 to develop then they have learned nothing.
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    Falcons set to release Vic Beasley

    wrong, Lynch did do something last year, he was the king of jumping off sides......
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    Victorious Patrick Mahomes Thanks Bears For Drafting Mitchell Trubisky

    The GM should never be allowed to pick a QB without the HC having a whole lot of input into the choice. To critical of a chioce that has a long term impact on the teams future. Pace thought he was the smartest guy in the room, went behind Fox's back. Thouhgt he just stole the next Drew Brees...
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    The practical answer for the bears at QB

    It is the Bears for sure. Their inability to put a legitimate person in the position of President and CEO is what has held this team back. Look at the ownership for a minute and ask yourself if they have any type of network built up within the NFL. My opinion is, no they don't. The only time you...
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    The practical answer for the bears at QB

    Don't recall that. Might have worked more to the Packers favor at the time if Moss and Farve where teamed up. In any case, GB has had the know for QB's more so than the Bears.
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    The practical answer for the bears at QB

    What grinds me is how the hell Green Bay has managed to find them but the Bears would not recognize one if Brady walked in the door right now and said he was looking for a job.
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    ***OFFICIAL*** NFL SUPERBOWL LIV Prediction Thread

    Idiot. Show me where I ever nut hugged Trubisky.
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    ***OFFICIAL*** NFL SUPERBOWL LIV Prediction Thread

    27-17 San Fran Mahomes 2 picks, 1 for 6.
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    Long Term Solution at QB-Thread

    True. Went off track a bit. Long term will be for the new GM to pick his franchise QB in round 1 of the 2021 draft.
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    Long Term Solution at QB-Thread

    I see it possibly playing out like this. Dalton comes here, no immediate threat to Mitch so he can have his chance without pressure, but capable in case Mitch fails. Bears possibly draft a QB in 4th. 2nd round picks will go to TE and OL. From what I heard on a talk show, Bears might be the...
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    Do bears fans need to get over mahomes and watson?

    The reason Pace is taking this much heat about picking Mitch, at least in my opinion, is that he gave draft capital up to move up a spot to get his guy, when all he had to do was wait for pick 3 and he would have had him. I know some would say that others where ready to swoop in to take him at...
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    Packers And Rodgers Should Scare the NFC North

    I said in another thread, the Bears have not had a very good run as far as win loss record in the past 25 years. if you look at the trend you see that for the most part they have 4 losing seasons, followed by a big jump in wins in the 5th season, and the playoffs, only to lose in the playoffs...
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    Ryan Pace destroyed the Chicago Bears

    If the Bears miss the playoffs this next season. Then yes you are correct, Pace runied the Bears. At least for another 4-5 years after 2020.
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    Biggs: No Kafka, Targeting Bill Lazor

    When you accept 8-8 as wining, here is where it gets you. I'm not real pumped when considering paying for that.