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    0 Points into the 4th Quarter

    Bears regress and its crap to watch.
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    yes, but those small mistakes cost a lot in close games. I felt Bears were the better team today.
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    Matt Nagy on if he'll give up playcalling duties: "That's the very first thing I look at ... I'm really, honestly, not opposed

    Bad game, in it for most of it despite the onslaught of penalties. Everything went the rams way and there were a few plays there, like the wide open overthrow that would have changed the game. Strangely we have 2 different QBs on the roster with similar results. The one stat that shouldn't be...
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    5-1 now @ rams/saints/@titans

    Offense is shaky and has to make up the difference the defense will give up against the better offenses. I would say Bears need at least 3 wins of the next 5 games to be deemed contenders.
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    WCG - Was Hope for an Average Offense Just Foles Gold?

    Bad game, Bears move the ball much better generally. Not Foles gold.
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    My post game thoughts

    One of those games nothing was working along with penalties. There was just nothing there. hopefully not a sign of things to come. Bears had much more life in the previous three games even with mitch. The defense did well considering.
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    Is Bears v. Colts now America's Game?

    the506 is updated
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    Coaches to "huddle" on QB decision?

    We have years of Trubisky. He has not improved on game day. If anything he has regressed. The year he did well was Nagy's first year. Offense was really creative. The next year and on, its been an all around poor performance with a few games here and there he did well. I dont think switching to...
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    Jay and Kristin are OVER

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    Article On Draft Success

    There is also evidence in the article with a high game minimum.
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    Article On Draft Success Some interesting facts when watching the draft. When looking at the percentages, Im sure they're is depth, but day 3 picks are so low and undrafted percentages...
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    GB trades up for Love

    I wouldnt get our hopes up if thats what we're thinking with this pick. GB got a new coach, a cast of players which none you can point to as being a real star player. Despite the perception of regression, they still went deep into the playoffs.
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    Final Mock Draft

    I am familiar with BPA, but i hope bears go full force on fixing the running game either with another rb or Oline.
  14. Rocksteady mock draft. Half the board will love it, half will hate it lol

    fine with me, A better running game this year will make the Bears a playoff team. I ran a few simulation mock drafts, I also see Eason available in the second round.
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    Does anyone think the QB competition is fake?

    could go either way, Trubisky has 1 good year and the rest bad. He has regressed, but I think he would do closer to that one year if he had a better running game. We didnt see him scrambling a lot either this past year. If those factors reamin true, foles will start soon enough.