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    2020 Bubble NBA Playoffs

    I could be remembering wrong but I was pretty sure Jimmy played the 4 at Marquette. Crowder and Johnson-Odom were the wings and some guy I can't remember that was their 1
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    2020 Bubble NBA Playoffs

    10 years ago Jimmy Butler was a PF who couldn’t shoot worth shit and didn’t have that good of a handle to now potentially leading an NBA team to the finals. Absolutely amazing. I’m so happy for him. Glad he’s finally proving that he hasn’t been the problem with his past teams.
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    2020 Bubble NBA Playoffs

    The Clippers SHOULD win it, but with Paul George playing the way he has been, I wouldn't be surprised if the Lakers beat them. I don't see the Nuggets beating them. Murray just isn't good enough IMO.
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    Chadwick Boseman RIP

    I was shocked when I saw the headline last night. I thought for sure it was fake. It was a punch in the gut. You could just tell he was a good dude too. He meant a lot to so many kids for his iconic Black Panther performance. RIP
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    Rate the last movie you watched

    I'm going to see New Mutants next weekend. It feels good to finally be able to see something new!
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    2020 Bubble NBA Playoffs

    I've said a lot of negative things about Adam Silver, but I have to admit he's done a great job with this bubble.
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    The NBA's return... (IGT)

    Crazy part is he wanted to come to Chicago. They were the only team that he would give his medical records. It sucks because he looks great but we can't fault the Bulls. MPJ had 2 back surgeries by the time he was 20 so I can't blame them for passing. A friend of mine had the same surgery he...
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    The Bulls have fired Jim Boylen

    This is a day for celebration. Any coach is an upgrade over Boylen. I'm excited to see where they go from here.
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    The NBA's return... (IGT)

    I wonder if this will effect the start of the league going forward. Will next season be a shorter season to maintain the old flow, or will they always start in December from here on out?
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    RIP Jerry Sloan

    RIP Legend
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    2020 Draft

    I like Issac Okoro. Needs to work on his shooting, but with the right coaching I think he could develop into an all-star caliber player. The team could use some more versatile defenders like him.
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    2021 NBA Free Agency

    I don't see AD, LeBron, Kawhi or PG leaving in 2021. I do think, if they can somewhat turn it around next season, they'd have a shot at Giannis.
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    Watson ASSAULTS Ryan Pace

    One of the more decorated college QBs in recent memory and you don’t even, at the very least, talk to him? Yikes
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    Cole Kmet

    I’m not saying he’s going to be as good or anywhere near the same level, but he reminded me of Gronk. I think he’ll have a pretty good NFL career as long as he can stay healthy.
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    Bears are signing OT Jason Spriggs

    I grew up with Jason. I’ve known him since kindergarten and it’s awesome to see him live out his dreams. He always wanted to be a Bear so I couldn’t be happier for him. His work ethic is great so as long as the injuries are behind him I think he’ll be able to bring something to the Bears.