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    How would you change the draft

    I agree with more rounds, there are a lot of diamond in rough type players who just need a shot and would make it. Also, something like the NBA lottery where worst team has best odds for #1 pick but could still hypothetically get the #6 pick to dis-incentivize blatant tanking.
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    Sean Payton leaving Saints

    You do anything but criticize people on this message board? You ever have anything positive to say. Your wife and kids must be the biggest cunt and twats around, straight facts homie.
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    Sean Payton leaving Saints

    Holy shit, a coach that had his team positioned for the playoffs...never seen that before. Dumbass fuck.
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    Looks like Leftwich is going to the Jags.

    Good for Bryan, hope he can help turn things around in JAX.
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    Leslie Frazier

    Frazier granting 2nd interview to Giants. Bears going to miss out on a special coach in favor of Josh Caldwell.
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    Sean Payton leaving Saints

    Meh, average coach who had an all-time great QB for his entire tenure. Onside kick during SB was nice though.
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    OT: How is Patrick Mahomes a GOAT

    If Mahommes leads the league in yards and TD's in 2040 then we can talk. See you in 20 years to discuss further.
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    One and done...

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    Leslie Frazier

    9 page thread for Frazier after a loss, clearly the guy is HC material, haters gonna hate.
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    OT: Stafford: Great or Nah?

    Stafford led league in picks, will Stafford at some point.
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    Leslie Frazier

    Lol. Frazier still my guy though.
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    OT: Tom Brady

    Amazing that he led the comeback with his offensive line in shambles. The game will miss him when he hangs in it. I hope he comes back for at least 1 more year.
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    Leslie Frazier

    Tyreek Hill may be the only guy in the league you don't squib kick to, unfortunate.
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    Overtime rules stink!!! Robbed us all tonight

    I gotta disagree here, I think the current over-time rules are good. If your defense can't hold the other team to a FG on the opening drive then you should've won in the 60 minutes of regulation.
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    Leslie Frazier

    No shit he doesn't blitz much, hence why I mentioned him not blitzing, do you even know how to read?