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  • It's not so much that I hate Romo...but I vehemently disagree that he's significantly better than Cutler. They've both got a ton of talent and a ton of flaws...and when the OP mentioned that they've shown they can win the 'big games', well, putting Romo in that group is just inaccurate.
    RTB...he wouldnt see my post if he had me on ignore..I cant see Oles posts unless I take him off ignore
    Good question, personally, I don't dislike the effort, time and depth Airtime has gone to. What I do dislike is what happens after, the delight some take, also, somewhat the nature in which alot of the 'debate' takes. I have had a bit of a running 'debate' with one poster over few threads, not his debate as such, but the constant view of negativity that I can't adhere to. It's constant. Overall this board offers plenty, insight (something Spartan posted a couple of days ago was very interesting, shame it took the bears QB root again, but I digress) and one or two others, but there is a limit, when I hit mine, I post something similar to what you commented on. You have to know when enough is enough I guess.
    Thanks man. You will be as well. I need some SP off the DL! I'd be better if I didn't take your trade, lol.
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