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    Salmons Likely to Opt Out (and start)
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    Johnson SL Highlights

    Don't know if you guys saw these, but I put up some Johnson highlgihts from games 1, 2, and 4. Pretty crappy quality, but better than nothing. Game 1: Game 2: Game 4:
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    Henderson the target? Plus Gar quotes

    But Gar pretty much says anything is possible:,0,3324174.story
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    Poopsworld hinting at a big Bulls deal

    I wouldn't get my hopes up, but hopefully Ingram is onto something. He's been hinting at this since at least a couple weeks ago when he made a quick mention.
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    Ford: Portland targeting Kirk/workout info
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    Ford: Bulls trying to move up
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    Mullens promise from Chicago (update)?

    Seems kind of odd to land on 16 as the last number... Update: Doug had found this, though he warns he doesn't know if it is real or a fan. It's a private request account...
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    Thorpe Chat
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    Ford's new Mock

    Tyler at 11, lol. James Johnson and TWill drop all the way until 21/22.
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    Bosh basically says he won't sign extension soon
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    Ford Mock 3.0

    16: Psycho T to Utah at 20: 26: Jordan Hill drops all the way to 10. I think Ford is also having a chat sometime today.
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    Hypothetical draft situation If Jennings were to slip to 16, would you take him based on pure value alone or would you let him continue his tumble?
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    Ford: Bulls looking at Psycho T as high as 16? I know 99% of people will hate it, but i'm not opposed as long as no one obviously better is there. I think it's pretty obvious he won't be there by 26.
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    Del Harris retiring/ R. Brown=player development?,0,3776115.story
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    Terrence Williams lobbying to be a Bull