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    A few guys I'd like to see us get in the draft

    With a lot of people talking about the draft and players they like, I thought I'd give it a go, and see what people think of some of these guys. I obviously would love to see us get either Lane johnson or Xavier rhodes in the first round, I've seen some others that thought along those same...
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    so what is the new staff at this point

    I know we've hired Trestman, and he brought in Kromer as OC/OL coach, and I've seen some others names, as well as keeping Hoke, Byrd, and Phair. But what exactly are the new hires and what are they coaching at this point? I kinda would like to get a run down in one post about who they are and...
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    my Oline fix

    .It won't be loved by all, but whatelse can we do, I would love to hear ideas. We have a good team, but this oline as it is looks like it could kill our season once again. If I'm Emory, I don't care what Tice thinks of Webb, I would trade a 4th rounder & CWilliamms for Bryant Mckinney. McKinney...
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    should we try to trade for A.Collins(OT)

    He's a backup with the bengals, but easily has starter, LT, talent. He's a really good pass protector, & pretty good with run blocking as well. I guess the question actually should be what would it take to get this guy? I have kept an eye on this guy, & he's just sitting there, he'd easily be a...
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    Cuts from other teams that interest me

    Greg Jones, MLB, was cut by the giants, he could actually be a pretty good pickup for our scheme. He's a little on the small side, which in our scheme means little. He has good speed, is a tenacious tackler, he could be brought in, his talent level is very high, worth a look. Dan Koppen, OL...