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    Anyone watching the replay from the 2018 opening day game vs the Packers on the NFL Network?

    Can't watch the 2nd half. But all would have been forgiven if Fuller didn't drop that ball
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    Rodgers: I don't know

    It's a long way from saying he'll never play another down as a Packer to "I don't know". He's back, but he looked like shit doing it.
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    SI rookie qb projections

    I know he wouldn't have called himself the punky QB
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    Does this picture of Justin Fields concern you?

    LOL Cutler. I would have the same expression. Trestman was a dope.
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    Move the Sticks 360: Justin Fields

    Pace should slip a c-note to Chris Simms for projecting Fields at 32. It's inexplicable how this happened. Not only the 9ers taking a complete flyer on Lance, but the Broncos not taking a QB, and the Giants trading down for the 1st time in that GM's history. I'll give Pace kudos for the...
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    Someone missed this while vetting Wilson pre-draft.

    Sounds like a personal gripe... Seriously tho, Disney rant was cringe
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    Ex-Bears Starter [Greg Olsen] Calls Out Matt Nagy: ‘What the F—‘

    Agreed. At this point I'd much rather have Graham, especially as a target for Fields in the red zone. Olsen can't stay on the field.
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    Nowhere To Go For Rodgers

    And 4 in week 6
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    Rank the Top 5 Bears Blunders since 2000

    You're right. Shoop canned in 2003, Quinn was in KC 2002-2003 (played in 1 game) and then Bears 2004. Aftershocks.
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    Rank the Top 5 Bears Blunders since 2000

    1. Trubisky. Monumental fuck up by Pace. Trading up from #3 to #2 to take him is an all-timer for not just the Bears, but the league as a whole. 2. Mel Tucker. Teams were consistently dropping 40-burgers on the Bears. It was the worst defense in the history of the organization. I still...
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    Lots of Andy Dalton hate but

    1. Yes 2. Rhetorical
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    Wiley: "Bears have a squad Y'all"

    Deduction of teams that are remaining after the division winners. It's my view which I'm sure differs from yours: Packers Cowboys Bucs Rams Any of the following for wildcard: Saints Seahawks Bears Niners Cardinals Vikings WFT I'll take the Saints, Bears, and Seahawks. Garappolo predictably...
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    Wiley: "Bears have a squad Y'all"

    Bucky Brooks is right. We believe in Justin Fields, but do we believe in Matt Nagy. Shanahan with Lance, or Nagy with Fields. I think it's fair to say that only one of those teams is going to the playoffs at best. I'll take Fields over Lance, and Fields overcoming Nagy's in-game weaknesses.
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    Khalil Herbert is Aaron Jones and a Pro-Bowl Caliber Running Back

    Still can't believe Pace got him in the 4th.