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  • Doubt that he is KB. KB is a better attacker. K is borderline ignorant. I do miss KB though. He brings out pure hate.
    Check out the "stock up" thread in the Bears forum. You told Chicagowin and I not to talk to each other yet this asshole keeps taunting me. He needs a could days in Cali
    You are a fool, and after reading some of the things that come off of your fingers there are things that go right over your head. Back off a bit, you aren't as smart as you think you are, ever heard of the word humble?
    If memory serves me 2010 was a two headed monster draft wise. You had Harper then Machado. The pirates took Taillion who might never come back, then a roll of the dice. Sale was pretty much a top five pick. I do recall the injury concern and yes Law raping the kid every chance he got, but right now it looks like Sale is the best player from that draft. Can Bryant say the same? It will be fun to find out.
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