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    Watson Lawsuit

    People are glad that Watson has a scandal in order to validate Pace skipping over Watson. As if skipping Watson put us in some great situation. We have Andy Dalton at QB and Mitch didn't even last beyond 4 years here so I don't see how it validates anything. If Watson ends up playing next year...
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    If Fields goes 3 and Lance goes 4 do the Bears trade up for Jones?

    Why trust Nagy though? Nagy is wedded to a system that hasn't proven itself to work with either Trubisky or Foles. This entire, "we need to draft or sign this-or-that QB for the system" stuff needs to stop because Nagy doesn't even have the cred to force his "system". In the perfect world, Bears...
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    Watson Lawsuit

    Watson was coming off two back to back 4000 yard seasons and just dropped 400 yards on Alabama. Ryan Pace didn't want a black quarterback period. Ryan Pace drafted a guy (Trubisky) at number 2 who only lasted 4 years in Chicago. If Pace had picked Watson, assuming Watson gets suspended next...
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    Yall want Mac Jones but not Trey Lance?

    Why?!? Mac Jones is unathletic in a league where QBs are becoming more athletic, he has less than 20 starts in college, and he was surrounded by talent. Yall trust him? If you going to draft another one of these sub 20 start QBs, then why not draft Trey Lance who is atleast a dual threat? He...
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    Maybe this ‘reset’ is what the Bears need

    Then why not start rebuilding with a new GM?
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    Marcus Mariota a free agent

    I dont get the hype for Marcus Mariota, he literally had one good season in Tennessee which was his second season then the league figured him out and he's been trash ever since. Does that remind you of someone else? Mitch Trubisky. These top 2-10 draft busts get TOO many chances.
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    Kyle Fuller...HE GONE(UPDATE:Now a Bronco)

    Possibly a new GM too.
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    Kyle Fuller...HE GONE(UPDATE:Now a Bronco)

    We didnt need either, we should have let Mitch walk and not sign a QB once we knew that we couldnt get Russell Wilson/Deshaun Watson. The Bears already have Nick Foles under contract, the Bears could have just saved the $10 million and drafted a QB. Now we have two redundant dudes (Foles...
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    Moped to the Bills

    A dream come true would have been Pace AND Trubisky being gone this offseason, it is unbelievable that we went into this offseason already knowing that we were going to let our number 2 overall bust go in free agency but we are allowing the guy who picked that bum to keep his job. Pace and...
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    How Surprised Would You Be if the Bears started 3 different QBs next season?

    Nick Foles and Andy Dalton, ole boy. Now people are saying that the Bears have inquired about Marcus Mariota, another bust who has literally had 1 good season in the league (his second season). How many QBs have "good" second seasons and become garbage after the league figures them out in Year...
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    The Brightside of Dalton's One Year Deal

    Nagy, Pace, and Dalton can ALL be gone together after next season. Im a positive person.
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    Listen to the EXPERTS

    Ryan Pace was a scout at one point in New Orleans, any GM who goes off of the mock drafts of media personalities doesn't deserve their job. What is the point of having a scouting department then? Also, Deshaun Watson had 38 games worth of experience in college, had 2 back-to-back 4,000 yard...
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    Pace & Nagy scheduled to talk to the media on Tuesday.

    This is like watching a bad school presentation where a kid is trying to pretend that he didnt copy his entire paper from wikipedia. His eyes look big on camera, his head is lurched over his neck, and he doesn't seem comfortable with where he places his hands.
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    Pace & Nagy scheduled to talk to the media on Tuesday.
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    Pace & Nagy scheduled to talk to the media on Tuesday.

    Did they get you for the Covid-19 business relief loan fraud as well? Im glad I didnt listen to my friends when they tried to talk me into getting involved in this racket. Half of the population of Southside may get indicted this year over that mess.