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    Fields Development Goals

    This looks like a team with new management from the GM on down with depleted talent, a new offensive system, a new defensive system, on its 4th game…… patience, grasshopper…..
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    Bears Fans "Badge of Honor"

    And that, right there is the problem. Teams have no incentive to win. With the exception of the Packers, the winning teams are just ego trips for billionaire owners, and we don’t have that here.
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    ***OFFICIAL*** IGT: Bears @ Giants (Journey to the Midday Tourney in North Joursey Edition)

    Because they can leave a receiver and Fields won’t see him…
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    If the Oline is so bad then….

    It’s a team effort to look that bad…..
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    The Front Office & Coaching Staff are ahead of the curve - and no one sees it. FTO

    Fields came right out and said “I played like ass”. Now, let’s see what he’s made out of next Sunday… he looked unprepared….
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    Bears T shirt give away!

    300 passing 30 rushing
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    What is Justin Fields ceiling?

    Patience, I have to keep telling myself, patience……
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    Why the double standard?

    Because we‘re Bear fans, and we’re brain damaged….
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    I'm not a sunshine pumper, but Holy hell...

    Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?
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    Guys, relax! We're still in 1st place

    Participation trophy…..
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    I'm not a sunshine pumper, but Holy hell...

    I guess the real question is: did we become Bear fans because we’re brain damaged? Or did the Bears damage our brains?