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    Fans boys - don’t get excited when Trubs plays well in GARBAGE TIME....

    No way is Mitch good enough to overcome this OL and play calling. There were several drops also. Good thing for prevent D!!
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    Fans boys - don’t get excited when Trubs plays well in GARBAGE TIME....

    That's what made the early run this season so interesting & maddening. Defense WAS playing well enough to keep em in the game and allow for their ONLY offensive success in the 4th Qtrs vs. bullshippy prevent defenses which are all too common with over reliance on analytics.
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    Pagano needs to grow a pair

    Mack was being held as usual (well, more than usual b/c it's GB). Quinn looked really slow to me. He wasn't even trying to run across the field if the ball went the other way. That's the result of big contract + a coach who doesn't hold anybody accountable. Irks me so much I made this...
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    Colin Kaepernick Ready!

    My point about wagering Bears won't draft a QB as you said "in 2020" is because that draft is long over. You meant 2021 and I was just razzing. For real discussion, I don't mind a QB in 1st IF he's good, but a starting T is needed x2. 50% bust rates in the first are scary. Too early to...
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    Colin Kaepernick Ready!

    I'll wager whatever stakes you can afford that "Bears are not drafting a QB in 2020". 🤣 🤣 Typo aside, I could care less if Kaep wants to stop in for a cup of coffee and play sacrificial lamb with this bottom ass OL, run game, and Nagy's hijinks. Seriously - that thread about Mitch's...
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    Offensive line

    Great points. I didn't realize they couldn't block downfield, but that Makes sense about the RPO. These guys are literally being held back by Nagy.
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    Great Day For Bears Draft Position

    If only there were Bears fans in the stands. It'd be a strong message to bust out the paper bags like the old "Aints" in New Orleans tank days. Except Bears fans only should put them on when on offense. Then take em off when on defense. That'd make some heads turn.
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    2021 Opponents....Draft a qb in 2022

    2021 could see Foles + a lame duck FA QB on a 1 year after HOPEFULLY a strong OL draft & new coach. Go big for QB then? Bears won't be tanking. Not with this defense. At least not on purpose. The remainder of 2020 will still be a shitshow without OL solutions til next year.
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    Michael Lombardi: Belief around the NFL is that Pace's job is safe.

    Nice try. But there are many who don't understand anything you just said (or care to try). Rare to see mention of overall GM hit rates. Usually just cherry picking the bad ones (and YES, there sure are some shitty bad ones in FA & draft, + overspending in each). Your point on more good...
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    Week 10 Game Review - who's to blame? (hint: Nagy's offense)

    Well, there IS a significant portion of the US who don't believe in science, but follow conspiracy theories about fraud contrary to the entire Internet and all provable facts, sources, & logic so...
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    Week 10 Game Review - who's to blame? (hint: Nagy's offense)

    This is a really great and maddening point. I'd LOVE to hear Nagy explain this. Won't happen though because: 1) He won't ever throw his OL under the bus nor question the effort of his players 2) He won't ever admit the complexity contrasts common sense & sets up this play for disaster by...
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    Akiem Hicks Value Captured on Monday Night Football

    Another great post Adi. Beats most media articles out there hands down.
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    Is this Chris Ballard story true?

    "There's always a tweet" This still makes a lot more sense to be true.
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    What was your position on the teams biggest recent decisions at the time?

    There's already too many threads on each of these, and you want to start one with all 4 combined?