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    Justin Field's EPA

    Getsy is on record saying some of this, and his stats in GB prove it. He runs a lot more screens and quick passes, as we should recall. They worked very well against the broken down DB corps some fans and all of "Hot Take" anti-Bears media love to stir the pot that Poles should've not drafted...
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    Report Robert Quinn wants out

    My unbloated "ESPN / Blog Boy" hot take of " 3 major Reasons Quinn Might Want Out of Chicago" 1 - Quinn thinks he can make more money elsewhere since he outplayed his contract last year 2 - Quinn not getting any younger (been said, but never stops Internet "authors" from repeating each other)...
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    Report Robert Quinn wants out

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    Dick Butkus: Nagy Never Coached Fields Last Year.

    Ommy is the Nagy of CCS thread success.
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    Early predictions for Chicago Bears 2022 schedule

    I threw together a quick survey poll on Google Forms to record our predictions:
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    Improved Secondary and Offensive Line = Successful 2022 Offseason?

    Nagy's offense was 100% designed for timing based throws and NOT to help a QB move the pocket or throw on the run. We have 3 years of Trubisky as further proof before Fields was ever drafted. We saw an insanely high % of hooks and curls where timing of throw needed to be perfect. A terrible...
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    Futures betting Thread

    I would say "good call" & "my bad", except that entire forum seems to have been wiped out with the exception of last year's CCS FF League sticky thread. No threads in the forum!?? 🤷‍♂️
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    Futures betting Thread

    Post best odds here. PM me with proven/safe online option you've used before. 5 Dimes got shut down & my state doesn't have their shit together yet. *Mods - LMK if any of this is disallowed & I'll edit. 🤷‍♂️ **NOT saying Bears WILL do anything this year, but with ESPN's AI predicting...
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    Matt Nagy confirms: Fields will be a star

    Nagy unwilling to admit beyond private texts that he was the why and that Fields knew more than him about running an offense, hell...a group of men!
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    Brisker 28th best graded prospect overall

    They got it right with Eddie Jackson?!?? You sure about that?? I certainly hope he returns to form with some actual coaching & accountability, but we'll see 🤷‍♂️
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    Bears Schedule Release

    Only 7 teams have an easier Strength of Schedule, including DET (b/c Nagy's record blew chunks last year).
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    Five games Chicago Bears fans will want to highlight for 2022 season

    Be prepared to click to a new page for each. of. the. 5. things. 🙄
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    Sports Illustrated projects the Chicago Bears hit their rock bottom in new power rankings

    This is leading up to another 2018 season with a new regime and MASSIVE public/media undervaluing. I'd love to win a ton of money on tiny bets again like I did that season! Hardest schedule to one of the easiest again now too. Fields > Mitch by far IMHO, but to each their own. How can I...
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    What's the most important thing for the Bears this season?

    I voted #3 - filling out & developing the rest of the roster ...meaning the ENTIRE roster as a whole including but not limited to JUST the offense & Fields. The retooling/rebuild is more than just the O.
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    ESPN Insider Sleepers

    We don't mind cherry picking media as long as they make Bears' moves sound good. Bonus if they're actually more well informed and researched than the negative puff pieces from outsiders who don't know better. 🤷‍♂️