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    Rate Ryan Poles Draft

    Regardless of the picks, theyll still dummy the Lions like clockwork. Same as every year
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    Bears traded Mack for a Safety ..

    CCS loses their collective mind 1/3 the way throigh the draft. More at 11
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    Bears should have taken the top receiver on their board.

    What if their top WR is a day 3 faller
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    Race to the bottom

    As opposed to starting a thread about it?
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    Tarik Cohen cut...

    Hope he catches on somewhere. Easy to forget how fun he was to watch while the rest of the offense was dismal. Shitty that he got injured the way he did
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    Race to the bottom

    As opposed to the other two teams? Bears arent even the worst team in their division. Hoser.
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    Happy for Leonard Floyd

    Bears fans could also swallow their pride and realise despite the numerous hall of fame defensive players to roll through town, theyre still too stupid to notice a good football player when they see one
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    Would you do a Von Miller type trade for Robert Quinn?

    Given draft capital, youre crazy not to do it
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    Nagy Era Leaks

    Nagy's a worse coach than Mitch is a QB
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    ***OFFICIAL*** IGT: Bears @ Seahawks (Horrendous Holiday Hangover Edition)

    Literally nobody there for 20 yards Defense just as broken as the O