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    Chicago rumored as idea city of NFL expansion

    It wouldn’t take the new team long to surpass the bears as far as NFL success goes. I’d expect some diehards to be bears fans no matter what, but I suspect most would follow the more successful team.
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    Mooney calls Nagy an idiot

    Anthony Miller had already said they were practicing plays that they never ran in the game, and then running plays they never practiced. This is old news.
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    Chicago Bears offensive line had terrible day

    Is this @JordanSigler an @Aesopian alt?
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    OT: J Williams out for Camp

    An ACL rehab ‘ahead of schedule’ lmao where have I heard this before?
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    OMG what did the Lions just do?

    Pretty sure this same game hyped up Mitch for years
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    Bears lead the NFL in cap space for the 2023 season

    Wonder if the Seahawks would tag DK
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    Sun-Times: Bears' plan is Borom at LT, Jenkins at RT. Hopefully one of them sticks for 2023.

    Only fear I have is how much this will resemble the John Fox days. I like the idea of running more and getting fields to move, but if the o line is incapable of pass blocking they will just stack the box and make life hard for the bears. Hopefully fields can carry
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    What is your OL #called it for next season?

    I’m calling that the offense looks marginally better as a whole due to getting rid of nagy. The entire line is going to be around the same as last year, despite some modest improvements due to scheme and coaching. The games will get harder and harder to watch as they can’t run long developing...
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    Fields QB23 per Chris Simms For What It's Worth

    Also ranked him above Trevor Lawrence fwiw
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    *OFFICIAL* Offseason Rumors, Signings, and Shenanigans

    So then what did you lose in the bet?
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    *OFFICIAL* Offseason Rumors, Signings, and Shenanigans

    Last time you made a bet to stay away for an entire year if the lions were better than the bears. Then you changed it to head to head record. Bears finished 2-0 against the lions and ahead of the lions in standings. You never left. Why would anyone take a bet with you seriously when you act...
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    *OFFICIAL* Offseason Rumors, Signings, and Shenanigans

    Woah woah, can’t pencil these guys in because there are some highly touted, by morons on this board, late round picks that could be pushing these studs for a starting position!
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    Remydat's Roster Evaluation

    I hope I’m wrong but I think GB got better on defense, and losing Adams is a huge hole to fill but I still see them competing for the Super Bowl with Aaron Rodgers. KC lost some players and it is normal for the top teams in the league to lose players due to having too many good ones to be able...
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    Remydat's Roster Evaluation

    So I said ‘every team’ improved and you took that as literally possible as you could to name 2 single teams of the 32 in the nfl to prove me wrong? Damn.
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    Remydat's Roster Evaluation

    So one post saying lock has potential upside, not even remotely close to any planet that Russell Wilson is on, is ‘standing’ for drew lock? Holy shit