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  • Weren't we talking about Manhattans at some point? My gf got some cheap port at trader joes. It was petty gross and too sweet by itself. I got the idea to make Manhattans with it instead of sweet vermouth. Winner! I think she paid $7 for the bottle. Just thought I'd share since I'm pleasantly hammered at the moment.
    I sure hope someone gets fired today so I can witness the greatness that is Marqueeeees Welson.
    lol i have been checking my messages, like why isnt riggs talking to me. Didnt know i could come in here, GIbbs is dumbass of the day.

    I know Thomas and Rodgers are off the table. Is Lynch a possibility or is he off the table.
    Not sure on a trade, i will send you a couple of offers in ares league and in lance league( i think your in that league). I was hoping to get either Julius or Demaryious to pair with Manning, Ares traded me Demarioyous, so need for Julius now. LOL.
    I'll be down in Tulsa, Texas, Tallahassee, Tennessee
    Memphis, Mississippi, it's probably where I'm gonna be
    Albuquerque, Alabama, St. Lou, Louisiana
    If you wanna find me, you can find me in Tulsa, Texas
    BF51 thanked one of my posts. I feel dirty and like I did something unwholesome and maybe I should just resign from the boards forever.
    Martellus Bennett ‏@MartysaurusRex 3h Waiting for @ChicagoBears to tweet. "sending our fans some of The Black Unicorns' awesomeness on this beautiful Sunday" just saying.

    :lol: :lol: :lol:
    Martellus Bennett ‏@MartysaurusRex 3h But they probably won't because LM is controlled by the suits upstairs. We all have bosses. Kinda. Lol
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