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    So how would you feel had we drafted........

    I would feel like we drafted a trubisky with front butt
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    Youth movement on the Bears

    It’s because no g. Manager can predict the future so they wanted to see what these players played like after they were 22
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    if the Bears do well, who is ready for the cringe super bowl shuffle comments

    OP’s bitching is also pretty cringe
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    Pace signs a big name WR

    Lane Tech stadium baby
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    I wonder what Justin Fields' balls smell like?

    op, maybe you need to take a break if you actively search out a chicago bears mesage board forum and are nonplussed by excitement about fields... (low-hanging-fruit and self-loathing and projection...if so, become a better troll) all that
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    Property Tax Bill

    This isn’t helping. Maybe yell at something or someone in your yard before judging it threadworthy
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    Chicago No To Moving Bears Stadium

    To your point, we taxpayers are on the hook to pay for soldier field until 2033. Good luck getting them to impose another stadium tax on us through
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    Chicago No To Moving Bears Stadium

    did duhbears70's IQ get an owie again?
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    Chicago No To Moving Bears Stadium

    I would be okay with renaming them the woodfield mall bears
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    Chicago No To Moving Bears Stadium

    perhaps the only person i find less trustworthy than lightfoot is greg gabriel
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    Dazz Newsome Scouting Report

    this is what happens when a junior high school dropout discovers giphy
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    Khalil Herbert Scouting Report

    so was gemma arterton fwiw
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    Tevan Jenkins with ill advised Chicago street fight starting tweet

    He probably just said that because laura linney said it on ozark
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    Addicted to Crack

    We will know after we’ve come up and the clouds grow teeth and the john deere starts saying ‘don’t do this. I will use your spine as a flute. Deck beers?’
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    Day 3 Targets

    No ‘draft experts’ can predict the future, right, you fucking moron?