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  • Dunno if you're ever still on here or not (I just returned today lol).. BUT Go Reds! We are back. José brought in Zlatan as we hoped. Mhkitayan too. Let's Go Reds!
    Yo! Just checked back in today haha. Tough season for the reds...
    Yeah, oh well. They can have it. I knew after their crybaby whining after our win they would get the Capital One Cup victory. If anything a give back from the officials...but they won.

    We still have the point lead in the table now!! haha

    Here are the two fan sites I visit though:

    Truly Reds Blog

    The Red Cafe Forum

    Enjoy! We got plenty matches left.
    I forget, but I did have one Man U site a while back I used to check out. I'll let you know.

    How about the tough win over Chelsea yesterday. A lot of diving on both sides & I've come to the conclusion that David Luiz is a major pussy. Bozo the freakin clown n shit. haha
    Yeah, the defenders are not on their game. The word consistency isn't in their vocab right about now. I mean, how do you let Stoke take 2 goals? If we plan to catch Chelsea it needs to be over this mid Fall to Winter range. Plus we gotta make sure to capitalize on the Champions League & Capitol Cup hopes. I like Evra & Vidic. Not happy Evans & Nani or even at times Rio.

    Smalling & Jones can be effective when in rhythm. Young & Valencia I like the most & they need to get back your right. haha Whenever we're on or post match stuff hit me up. I'm always game to chat on our Reds. I just don't usually check these messages super fast so I'll answer asap though.
    True. Sir Alex is set in his ways. If he sees the need to keep Powell active on the main squad that's fine too.

    To me though, I feel like RVP is the best addition since Cantona or Ronaldo. I have already order a RVP home red jersey shirt! haha Love our Reds bro.
    I've only watched half the first season but yeah, it's preety good.
    For me Breaking Bad>Dexter>Game of thrones.
    These are the three shows I watch.
    Yeah I just finished watching the 5th season too! Saul is awesome!
    Can't wait till next summer but I guess it gives me a chance to catch up on Game of Thrones
    Love the signature! Man Utd fan also. I'm still stoked about adding Van Persie, Kagawa & Powell. Also Buttner shouldn't be too bad either. Good additions no less.
    Yeah, she is sexy.

    Sharapova is nice too. She's got some nice ass legs.. only if anna kournikova was still around haha.
    Yup. And she is gonna gain points because last year she got knocked out in the 4th round. So she should move up from here 12th ranking. Seeing her is a plus though. :fap:
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