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  • LoL.......So Pippen was better than Jordan at somthing after all.......

    I have actually read the interview with Johnny Bach in an article...
    The most interesting sports article I read in a long time.....I wish I Would of bookmarked it....

    You should post that in the "ultimate insult" thread........Hue Heffna will love that one....
    I wonder if Pippen took all the ladies from Barkely wonder barkeley hated him.
    LoL, I should call my lawyer and sue that site for everything they got for stealing the copywrite of my good name.

    That's site looks like a fake wannabe bootleg C.C.S...........................:rolling:

    But then again, it kind of looks like it may be decent.
    I never even heard of that site, but wow, what a beautiful name for a website.

    There right, Pippen ain't Easy.........straight up. :beerbang:
    drafting coaches in the NBA Re-Draft. you got the first pick.
    Yes my bad. Only Thomas won it. But I was unborn. lol

    The only way to surround a PG and dominate is surrounding some good big men with this PG and let him believe he is the #1 guy.

    Btw I bet if they built the Magic around Anderson, they will be a better team than the Wizzards. :p
    That's debatable, but I won't go there. You're kinda right about the PG's not winning a championship thing. They can't win by themselves whereas big men can. However surround a great PG with the proper players and then you're in business even if you don't necessarily have a really good tall guy.

    Detroit in the 80s won with Thomas and Dumars as their best players. Yeah they had Lambier, but he wasn't even on the same level as Dumars let alone Thomas. Heck even the Bulls won without a really good big man, just a lot of ok ones and Rodman (who wasn't even tall).

    In any case, those PGs are PGs you could build a team like that around. You can't really build around Ryan Anderson, he's not that type of player. He's a guy you would put with those PGs.
    lol dude I just :troll:ed the crap out of you.

    Honestly, Anderson is a good player. The other guys...I think they're better and that Anderson isn't really worth giving them up, even if they have 4 PGs on their roster. That's all I was saying. Not trashing Anderson by any means. If you can get one of those guys for Anderson I'd say you got a steal.
    Why stoop down to FirstTimer's level? I can read.

    You say Odom isn't good anymore...based on what? One bad season in Dallas where he wasn't even being used properly? If you're gonna call me ********, I don't even know what word to use for you then. :troll:
    ...are you purposefully trying to contradict yourself?


    Odom sucks
    I didn't say Odom wasn't good
    Actually yes I did Odom sucks

    Ah, but that you did...

    And I quote:

    "That he will be released by the Clippers too. His basketball level is worse than an ex player the last 1 and a half year. Just like McGrady. Cause he was a good player doesn't mean he is still a good player."
    I suppose that's a fair reasoning.

    I also never discredited Anderson...I called him good. I just said all those other players were better. :shrug:

    But alright Mr. Points, assists, rebounds...

    Your beloved Ryan Anderson had a PAR total of 24.7 (17.7 ppg, .9 apg, 7.7 apg)

    Odom's last season with the Lakers (ie the season where he actually played) he had a PAR total o 26.1 (14.4 ppg, 3 apg, 8.7 rpg). No one really puts a lot of weight on this past season for Odom statistically. They know that the ability is still there. This isn't like a Steve Francis situation...
    Your gauge of production seems to be purely based on PPG then, which is misleading. All those guys are game changing type players. Anderson is not.

    Those guys having a lot of PGs is their own decision. I even said you had a decent chance with WindyCity because he has 4 PGs on his team.
    Well jeez if your definition of a MID LEVEL PG are Steph Curry (nearly 20 ppg with 6 assists and almost 2 steals), Tyreke Evans (capable of 20/5/5), John Wall (16 ppg 8 assists, nearly 2 steals), and Steve Nash (I don't even need to post stats here) then you need to reconsider your definition of mid level. Every single one of those players is better than Anderson and I'm pretty sure were all drafted ahead of him.

    It's also possible that the last guy you mentioned (Jeremy Lin) would've won MIP if he hadn't gotten injured.
    I never said he can't be traded, I just said that it was doubtful that he could be traded for the guys you listed.

    And who says I can't?

    Besides, you weren't asking for mid level PGs, you were asking dang near star PGs for Anderson. I told you not to get your hopes up. A mid level PG would be a guy like Devin Harris...but you don't even seem to know who he is. :troll:
    Odom's a good player so idk what you're so surprised about. Former 6th man of the year. Got like 14 and 8 with the Lakers.
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