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    Anybody Here Ever Installed a Party Door in Their Garage?

    I...don't know what you're asking...
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    Is Ebner Cohen 2.0?

    Who the fuck is Ebner Cohen? And why would he be the second iteration?
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    If CCS built a dystopian living facility...

    I'd have to imagine if CCS built such a place it would end up exactly like the movie High-rise.
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    Jaquan Brisker still hasnt signed a contract

    This is an agent issue, not a player issue. The agency is using him to prove that they can maximize rookie contracts in order to further their business down the line. "Look, we set a precedent by getting this guy a guaranteed 3 years in the league by saddling the team with 3rd year money. Did...
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    Jay Cutler wishes Fields the best

    Breaking News: retired dude hopes other dude doesn't fail!
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    Lamar "Soup" Campbell... HE GONE

    I aspire to, one day, be Director of Player Engagement. I'll put that on my CV right next to, Beverage Dissemination Officer, Patron Saint of Academic Studying, and Under Secretary to the Sub-Committee. Was dude's job to hang out with players, and he failed?
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    Justin Fields says Bears not ready for season

    "The offense is installing a new offense?" I guess I'm glad the defense isn't installing a new offense...
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    Anyone else doing no mow may?

    Everywhere I've ever lived I went with 1 of 3 options: Woods where grass doesn't matter Apartments where is isn't my problem Growing wild flowers being considered "grass."
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    RUH ROH LOL LIONS 1st rounder has some question marks already???

    Even if he does end up being a badass, the Lions are allotted one stud at a time while the rest of the team makes them a joke. HOFs = Barry, Calvin...oh, never mind, those are the only two during my lifetime. Suh may get there if they ignore the head stomping and other such dirty play?
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    Nitwit Bears WR coach think we good

    I love it when people are satidifed.
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    Nitwit Bears WR coach think we good

    No one that lives in Elgin and rents Audis sucks at life...
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    Ghosts of CCS/CBMB past

    I think "BigTrag" or some such dumb shit. Don't recall exactly.
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    Ghosts of CCS/CBMB past

    He did, it went as expected.
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    Ghosts of CCS/CBMB past

    It was a CCS denizen that created that abortion of a video. He was super proud of it. Imagine Desbro, but thinking he was musically talented.
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    Ghosts of CCS/CBMB past

    I'm too lazy to scroll through and detremine if you'd found it or not. "Enjoy..." You're welcome? Edit: "Geah!!!"