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  1. Early returns on the Cub's Purge

    People are comparing the Cubs situation and opportunities to those of the Dodgers and Yankees. They have a very loyal fan base they charge the highest prices in baseball and they have their own TV network . They own a hotel at Wrigley, and much of the neighborhood around Wrigley Field. The...
  2. Illini BB

    I see the Illini added another player for 2022. A 17 year old from France. 6’11” 220. Reportedly can rebound and runs the floor well.
  3. 24th civil suit filed against Watson..

    He just paid 20 people to go away and drop their charges and you think that means he’s innocent and call other people stupid?
  4. 24th civil suit filed against Watson..

    It is, as it relates to damaging the sport. Not in terms of what it means to society.
  5. Illini BB

    Which is exactly what they will look like without Kofi in the middle! They have wings and point guards with talent, and much more height and length than they did with Trent and Plummer on the floor. They're doing exactly what you're asking for. Kofi playing at a different school does nothing...
  6. Illini BB

    What was he going to do in college to make him better for the current style in the NBA? While he did improve every year, I don't know what another year would have done for him. Transfer? What on earth does that do for his pro prospects?
  7. Our prized recruit from the rebuild haul

    Teams seem to give players to the Cardinals for next to nothing. Dbacks, Rockies, etc
  8. Our prized recruit from the rebuild haul

    No I don’t play grammar police very often I just wanna point out somebody calling other people idiots being an idiot
  9. Your first Bears game?

    A friend of my dads with an RV took us two hours from home to memorial stadium and watched an Illinois game, got in the RV drove up I 57 to a Bears preseason game and then back home all in one day. It was a lot of fun for a kid. I remember that Vince Evans who was drafted as a quarterback was...
  10. *OFFICIAL* Offseason Rumors, Signings, and Shenanigans

    There’s plenty in the Bears past that people can complain about, but if we’re gonna get to the point of bitching that Mark Columbo was a bad pick because he got hurt in the NFL then that’s just ridiculous. There was nothing wrong with that pick. he was starting offensive lineman for the team...
  11. Our prized recruit from the rebuild haul

    Shouldn't there be a question mark at the end of your question, rather than a period, genius? I normally wouldn't point that out, but since you're hellbent on calling others idiots.....
  12. OT: Brady v Manning

    John Elway was never at any point in his career one of the top three quarterbacks in the league and yet people think he’s a top three quarterback all time. Funny how Time seems to rewrite things. Elway was good he was physically talented but if you had to win a game he was nowhere near the top...
  13. OT: Brady v Manning

    Unless you want to actually win.
  14. Here we go... 2022 Season.

    I referenced what they were saving their money for. I made no political statement whatsoever.
  15. *OFFICIAL* Offseason Rumors, Signings, and Shenanigans

    “Could compete for a roster spot” at WR on a team whose WR group was called worst in the NFL. “Could” compete. Not a ringing endorsement of his talent.