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    White Sox IGT: May 31st to June 30th 2015

    Just to avoid the cluster of IGT's and sticking each thread, let's try this. Discuss in-game happenings and post/pre game here for games in the month of June. Starting on an awkward day this month for the sake of including the Astros game. First up for this thread, the rubber match with the...
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    The Crosstown Beatdown(WARNING: You are entering a war zone)

    Anyone who has been around here knows that this forum has become a White Sox Vs Cubs fans free-for-all for the most part and it's out of control. So, in honor of the relentless bickering, here is a special thread to get it all out of your system and allows you to not look like an A-hole for...
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    "Strong" demand for White Sox tickets

    via Anyone get tickets yet? I am going to be looking for some tickets on Stubhub for the Tigers @ White Sox series on June 5, 6, and 7th closer to the date.
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    Mortal Kombat X (MKX) Discussion

    The release is not far, so let's have a proper discussion thread. April 14th is when it begins, again. Coming to all platforms, PS3, PS4, X-Box 360, X-Box One, and PC. If you haven't pre-ordered it and plan on buying it, Goro is a pre-order bonus. So it'll save you from having to download him...
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    Resident Evil 6 Discussion

    Not sure if anyone has heard, but I'm pretty damn excited about this new Resident Evil. I haven't got into a Resident Evil game since part 2, but this is an instant pre-order for me. From the bit of gameplay the trailer shows, this game looks like it's much more action oriented than the previous...
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    Falling Skies on TNT

    Did anyone catch that two hour premiere episode of Falling Skies? It was really damn good. It has an old school kinda feel to it, in my opinion. The second episode is tonight at 9PM central, with a replay at 11PM. YouTube - ‪Falling Skies (2011) - Official Trailer‬‏ If you missed the first...
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    Video games at the RedBox

    Anyone rent from the RedBox kiosks? I just went to rent a movie and seen there's video games now. Rental stores have become a dying breed in my area(NW Indiana), so this is good stuff.
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    Sony and PSN are under attack

    Hacker Group Threatens Sony, PSN Undergoes Maintenance - PS3 News at IGN Crazy stuff. PSN is down right now as a result. Those e-vigilante's are putting a hurting on Sony. Sony did pull a b*tch move on this George Hotz guy, so I can't say I'm against the attack. If you're not familiar with...
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    Pacquiao Vs. Margarito: Does CCS care?

    Must not be any love for boxing on this forum since there's no thread on this already. Anyone going to watch this fight on Saturday? Pretty intriguing match-up here considering the size difference and possible historical ramifications. With Pacquiao's win over Miguel Cotto(who happens to be my...
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    What type of games(or certain titles) don't interest you at all?

    First for me, racing games. Any kind. I mean, the Crusin' arcades were awesome, but I could never get into them on a console. Second, which may come as of a surprise considering I'm a huge basketball fan, I could never get into basketball games for some reason.
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    You're on death row

    Your day is rapidly approaching... What would you choose for your last meal?
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    Undisputed is now "The Chicago Way"

    I've been going by the username Undisputed for a couple years on another forum and needed a change. I've been thinking about what to change it to for the past couple days, then suddenly it fell on my lap by a quote in of one of my favorite movies "The Untouchables" in this thread...
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    Predict the Bears record for the 2010 season

    What kind of season are you guys expecting from the Bears? Predict what their record will be by seasons end.
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    Cowboys rookie Dez Bryant injures ankle

    Cowboys' Dez Bryant suffers sprained ankle, set to undergo MRI - The Huddle: Football News from the NFL - Should've carried Roy William's pads. :smoke:
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    This or that

    You guys know what to do. Keep it going. No set subject, of course. Megan Fox or Angelina Jolie?