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    Blackhawks feel pressure for name change

    I live in Calgary, and there is a considerable number of indigenous people here who proudly wear Indianhead sweaters and caps around town. Whenever I come across what I think is a fellow Hawks fan, I am frequently surprised to find that they are NOT Hawks fans (not even hockey fans) but just...
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    Report: Blackhawks looking to deal Duncan Keith?

    Cheaper than a defenceman who will earn $2.1 million in the coming year and $1.5 million that year after that?
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    Hawks at IIHF World Hockey Championship

    The Canadian roster includes Brandon Hagel and Nic Beaudin, both good choices, but Brandon Pirri?? Hockey Canada announces men's world championship roster
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    Calling all Canadians

    I'm a Canadian, a natural lefty, shoot left, and have never been coached, asked, or have suggested to me which way to hold a hockey stick. Nor have I heard of others doing anything different. As kids, we just pick up a stick and use it the way that feels natural. I am old enough to have had a...
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    Important games coming up

    Us fans have had the best of both worlds this season. We get to cheer for the Hawks to make the playoffs (and it is a possibility) so the kids can get valuable playoff experience, but if they fail, it's no big deal because (1) it was expected, and (2) the team gets a better draft choice. I'm...
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    I tried to clarify (even quoting the years and cities in which Niemi and Crawford won the Cup) but you just came back with "You said you saw CC skating with the cup after they won in Phily " and "black aces". Then you added a testy "Last time I'll waste time disagreeing with you" and tried to...
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    For somebody who has better things to do than to argue with others, you sure have a lot to say, eh?
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    Yes, some people here have a propensity for reading what they want to disagree with, not what is actually written. I didn't mention Crawford in 2010 because I didn't recall seeing him anywhere near the team in the playoffs. However, you are quite correct about Raanta in 2015. You can clearly...
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    No, I never said anything about seeing CC skating with the Cup after they won in Philly. You are just making that up. Read it again. I said that I saw Niemi and Crawford each skating around after they had won. Niemi did it in Philly (2010) and Crawford did it in Boston (2013) and in Chicago...
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    Niemi did it in 2010 and Crawford did it in both 2013 and 2015. I'm sure that you saw it, too. Pay attention.
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    I watched all those games, and I still remember seeing both Niemi and Crawford skating around hoisting the Cup after they had won.
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    That works for me. Each carried the Hawks to the Stanley Cup.
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    The Blackhawks are going in a new direction

    Going in a new direction, or just being more transparent about it? You decide.
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    Toews shocked at direction Blackhawks are going

    Seabs is a proud guy. Following his surgeries, he got ready to compete in the play-in, but dropped out when he didn't feel like he was ready. When the new season begins, he will try his best, again, and if his play isn't up to his standards, he will call it quits. No reason to push Seabs out...