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    Tarik Cohen's brother is missing!

    I love a joke, but not the time when someone can be dead for all we know...
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    Bears given top NFL Draft Class ranking on

    I mean 8 picks really isn't that low. And I think it's the most Pace has had in a draft. In terms of Drafting, he has been the anti Jerry Angelo who always trades down. I think this is the FIRST draft Pace actually Traded down in, at least that I know of. He went up to get Mitch He went up to...
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    So how would you feel had we drafted........

    Honestly no one will really know in 3-5 years from now. For all we know, Jones could have been the best QB in the class, or at least his talent best pulls through in the NFL. It wouldn't matter who the Bears pick among the 5 QB's, I'll always route for the one the Bears picked first come hell or...
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    Bears sign WR Byrd

    Speed speed and more speed. Mooney go down, we have Goodwin, Goodwin go down We have Byrd. Robinson go down. Prepare to run for your lives on that football field because no one replaces Ironman in a Bears uniform Robinson!
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    $30M for Foles Graham Quinn

    If they are willing to give up a pick and you as the bears are willing to take a cap hit sure. Costs more to get rid of him even in a trade, then again, cutting Leno, getting a pick, might be worth the one year hit.
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    Where does Justin Fields rank in your order of importance?

    Hey I'm not going to lie to you... as high as seeing the Bears win one while I am alive... 1My money 2 Hentai 3 Porn 4 My X box 5My life. You can say 5 is all the above really. So Justin Fields is the real 5?
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    WR Room - Speed over Size?

    I meant that period though, not just UDFA. Those guys you do get normally go round one and some of them are busts. I mean Patterson is 6'3 " we all know he is fast, but a WR... na man. Just more than size and speed makes a great WR1
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    WR Room - Speed over Size?

    Odds are there is few guys with size and speed out there to take. Randy Moss only comes so often.
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    Post Draft Mock Offseason

    I do think we Drafted Borom, in case someone like Daniels becomes to rich to sign with whatever cap number we have in 2022 offseason. But the one thing I would think is, if we are going for a new look Bears Oline, does Daniels meet the nasty need for it? If not trading is not a horrible option...
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    TE Options if bears cut graham

    I wonder if they can reconstruct his contract to extend another year if it means they could sign a guy like Berry. Or hell even a cheaper Leno. I would just want to wait a year to see who could plat left tackle from Jenkins or not yet.
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    Which QB is a Bust? Pick 2...

    We know people won't pick Fields, but I feel Lance has the top chance to be a bust, simply off just a feeling I got...
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    OT: Bradshaw: Rodgers is a whiny douche

    Very true, but I say it, my way, because the Jags took the first QB and you know, maybe he turns into a bust and Fields the best QB in 2021. Play the Jags on the road, score a rushing TD.... 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11... I know I'll laugh.
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    Leno. HE GONE

    I don't miss his post about his McDonalds diet. Eating that trash made it seem like he didn't care.
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    The Problem With Firing Pace

    I hate to say this, but most of the wins the bears have are against sub .500 teams. Teams you should beat, I'll give you that. But even this year. The only team they Beat that was really good was the Bucs, and they caught them at a good time. I'm no Pace Lover. But with his ass on the line...