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    CCS Post your Picture

    I'm on the left with the gopher
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    Should the Sox Pursue Granderson?
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    My Reaction When The White Sox Win A Game
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    Mt. Rushmore of Chicago Soccer

    MNUnited did something like this awhile back and I was just curious to see what you guys would answer. It can be anyone from Chicago or who has played here. So Chicago natives or Fire players/coaches. Mine (from my own experience): 1. Magee 2. McBride 3. Rolfe 4. Sean Johnson
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    CCS Meetup Thread: Vol. III "Bears Camp meetup Thursday?"

    Celebrity Meetup: Yes. This deserves its own thread. CCS CELEBS: me and Fisch in Dubuque. AMA Sent from my Gopher hole using Tapatalk
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    ALL THE LULZ Every single one of these should be submitted to the smiley thread
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    WHYYYYYY!?!?!?!??! :crying: :mad::shot::fist::bigfinger::nervous::crying::crying::angryfinger::puke::pity::eek::ohmy::obama2::jawdrop::kermit::notfunny::cmonman::oprah: :hawkstroll:
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    :lol: :shifty: :dealwithit: :troll::troll::troll::troll::troll::troll::troll::troll::troll::troll::troll::troll::troll::troll:
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    When is the next Open Cup game????

    I'll be in town the 7th and 8th but if the Fire have an Open Cup game that same week I may stay. does anyone know when it is?
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    The Road to Rebuild: The Battle for the Number One Pick The way we are losing right now, I don't see how it is not possible that we catch the Miami Marlins, who are currently seven games up. The Cubs are also looking in their review mirror as we have creeped up on them since we go swept...
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    Chicago Fire interested in Carlton Cole discuss
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    Miley Cyrus is a Big Sox Fan :fap::fap::fap::fap::fap::fap::fap::fap::fap::fap::fap::fap::fap::fap::fap::fap::fap::fap::fap::fap::fap::fap::fap::fap::fap::fap::fap::fap::fap::fap::fap...
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    Game 2

    I'm going bitches!!! #StudentLoans #Broke #SRO
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    LAA v. SOX IGT

    Friday, May 10th @ 7:10pm Tommy Hanson 2-1, 3.86 ERA v. Dylan Axelrod 0-2, 3.60 ERA Saturday, May 11th @ 6:10pm Jerome Williams 1-1, 3.16 ERA v. Jose Quintana 2-0, 3.86 ERA Sunday, May 12th @ 7:05pm CJ Wilson 3-1, 3.86 ERA v. Chris Sale 3-2, 3.42 ERA Discuss the shit.
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    Who Is The Real Deal? Axeface, Quintana, Santiago?

    They all have shown flashes of brilliance and flashes of dick suck. I feel like we can build on two of them and trade the other for 'spects if they bring back good ones in return. Thoughts?