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  • In response to your msg on my profile: the reason your .gif probably won't load as an avatar is b/c the file size is too large. Not very many will work :/ Sorry man.

    In response to your msg below this one -- If we can get the NFL & Rivals forum active, then we can possibly expand to other sub-forums...but until the Bears posters as a whole accept (and use) the NFL General sub-forum, the other mods/owners won't even listen to the idea :shrug:
    Its all good man. I get it. I post in jest alot so I don't get upset about shit like this. If I could make a humble suggestion, it would be to make a sub forum like NFL breaking news. A place were all things current and NFL related can get in. I think it would get alot of action also.
    I understand your point, but for what it's worth, we hardly have ANY rivals that post here. It's more of a forum for non-Bears news...and when any rival fan does come in - we can put there non-Bears stuff in there so we don't have a lot of Packers/Vikings crap in the Bears forum :cheers:
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