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  • Hey man, I am a big fan of your insight here, just wondering if you post on Reddit? If so, awesome, wont ask your username (unless you care to share) as I know many folks dont like to share that, if not, you should consider it. We could use some of your insight there, super active forum, without the childish nonsense that can run rampant here from time to time.
    Don't disappear, Windy. You're one of the only reasons I still come here. Thanks for all of the hard work and sensible posts. Makes it possible to endure this horrible team.
    Hello, Im not really big into posting on the website but have visited the forum visited the forum daily since CBMB closed it's doors. I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you for all your articles, mocks, position breakdowns, in game thoughts etc. It's hard to read through some of the crap posters we have on this board but a small few like yourself make it worth it. I just want to say thanks for making my bears experience better with the knowledge and thoughts you put into your post. Keep up the good work and know that many of us true fans that visit the board to actually read about the Chicago Bears appreciate you. Thank you sir.
    I could try I am not sure how they would feel about it, but I will mention it to a couple of them on pm.
    Do you think you could bring some guys from FF over here? We could use them. I just saw you posted over there too.
    hey man -- don't know if you've checked the mock draft thread lately, but it's coming along. Do you know of anymore reputable draft sites that update their mocks regularly? If you could post some, I'll integrate them into the initial post.

    hey man - I updated the mock draft thread w/ the threads you put in there. I really appreciate the help. If you could use the same format I did it would speed things up -- but again, I'm just thankful for the help. Any questions let me know.
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