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    Fields reaction

    On top of him being pissed about falling, we only saw the 2nd reaction on tv after the Bears had already called him and told him they were drafting him, which was probably happening before ESPN and NFL TV even announced the trade as we saw the family come back into the living room a min or two...
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    Why Fields over Jones?

    With Jones you had a guy that was never the best player on the field at any point. Or the 2nd best, or even 3rd or 4th. You can tell he has a "what am I doing here" vibe around all these other great players on Bama.
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    Florio/Simms on Wentz, Bears and Colts

    The narrative of Wentz's preferred landing spot is a way overplayed- at this stage of his career I'd guarantee he just wants a team to commit to him as a starter, and any team willing to pay the price to get him is doing that. I'm meh if he comes to Chicago, but he's going to run to Halas Hall...
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    NFL expanding to 17 games

    So we're officially the only team without a 4,000yd passer in the 16-game era
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    Bears 2021 Opponents

    Not sure of the exact rules, but I thought Bears can't use the transition tag again until Fuller's contract expires since they used it on him. I don't believe it's a one-per-year option like the franchise tag.
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    Trade up for a QB or wait for a top pick in 2022?

    I'm usually an optimist looking ahead to the schedule every season, but next year looks like a slaughter, and the 2022 pick should be pretty high, so I'd focus on BPA + Oline this year.
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    Cole Kmet: Stud or Dud

    He's on the right path— 1st among rookie TEs in catches and yards, 2nd in TDs.
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    The Foles experiment has been an utter failure thus far, and our offense is objectively worse is almost every category since he's taken over. 105 fewer yards per game(!) 5 fewer 1st Downs per game(!) Lower 3rd Down Conversion rate 8 fewer yards per drive Only 4.3 yards per play It's a small...
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    Graham has already done more

    Along with the TDs, just moving the chains has been a massive improvement. They only had 22 first downs catches from the TE group in all of 2019, and already have 16 in just five games this year. On pace for 50+.
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    CCS favorite Jason La Canfora says Bears are one of the 5 worst teams in nfl

    Despite having a horseshit offense, they gave up the fewest points and the 2nd fewest yards in the NFC last year. With that kind of defense, which by most accounts is improved at key positions, they could punt on 1st down every time and still be better than bottom 5. That's basically what the...
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    Bears schedule leaks

    Looks pretty favorable to me. The non-divisional opponents had a combined record of 77-83 in 2019, whereas last year's non-div opponents were 91-69, and included 3 of the 4 Conf championship teams.
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    Post Press Conference Mock Offseason

    Love a good mock offseason, but no team is trading up to the first pick of day 2 to take a TE. If Bears move to that spot, it'd better be for someone like Tua or Eason.
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    Jesus at that stat line... Glad for the Bears that he'll be in the AFC, and sad for him that he has to play for the Bengals and live in Cincinnati.
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    The Texans and Chiefs have the 25th and 26th ranked rush defenses, so god help the winner next week.
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    Jake Fromm Declares

    Fromm was still in high school when Eason and Georgia played UNC. That was the game Eason came in as a freshman and stole the job from Greyson Lambert (and led the comeback win).