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    OT 10 year deal for Mahomes

    ......some of you probably don't realize that Ryan Tannehill is going to make more money than PAT MAHOMES over the next 4 years. WE (KC) have no excuses as to why we shouldn't win at least 2 more super bowls by then. Also....probalby hasn't occurred to you that the core is locked down for this...
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    Nagy regrets benching starters during preseason. won't do it again.

    I remember you guys being hyped when the bears backups beat KC's starters in a preseason game...... preseason.
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    When Nagy was hired he said.....

    This is true.....I think MOST Chiefs fans thought when they moved up, it was for Watson. The Watson people were pissed off it wasn't him. Half the fan base as a whole still loved Alex Smith and were pissed we traded up for any QB. There were some...maybe 15% of the fan base that really liked...
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    When Nagy was hired he said.....

    ....that He liked Trubisky no.1 in 2017? I don't think he actually believed that at all, but had to say so because....ya know..he's inheriting Trubisky. That said...IF you believe he meant you trust him and Pace to draft another QB? IF you don't beleive that, does Nagy deserve a...
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    Kyler Murray vs. Jalen Hurts

    ......Maybe a team sees Hurts as Lamar Jackson lite...but slightly better passer? IDK.....I have heard the Chargers are interested in Hurtz, and are targeting him as a 2nd rounder/trade back into round 1 late kind of guy. Look for them to be his destination.
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    Bengals to work with Dalton on a trade

    This...I'm nearly sure Mariotta sees the Bears QB situation as the one he might be able to come in and win the job, or takeover when t-biscuit loses it.
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    The biggest difference between Patrick Mahomes and Mitchell Trubisky is..........

    The Chiefs O-line gets a lot of national pub as being GOOD. It's not a good line. The tackles are good. The interior O-line bad. Several articles etc published about that if anyone would bother to read them. The national media just looks at a low sack number and assumes the line is good...
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    Lamar Jackson's precision passing

    In the meantime..... Pat Mahomes' 35 starts without losing by more than seven points is the second longest to start a career among Super Bowl era quarterbacks behind Russ Wilsons 38. His eight career losses are by three, three, one, seven, six, six, seven and three points. When his team is...
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    Trubisky Bowl

    I've seen this same type thought on this board a 1000 WHO could the Bears draft and have them actually be good, lift the talent around them and all that? Also....clearly, if this is true, the Colts should be burning up the phones right now to trade for Trubisky, because...
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    Trubisky Bowl

    Houston VS Kansas City. Who will win? KC and Mahomes favored by 10 over Watson and the Texans. We won’t know the winner until Sunday but I think we can all agree the Bears are the losers. (As if you all aren’t miserable enough, a hole KC troll comes to kick you while you’re down)...
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    Here are the best list of reasons why it was smart of Pace to choose Trubisky over Watson are right because the OTHER guy they passed is going to beat them.
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    How is Mahomes getting the first downs on 3rd when Trubisky does the same play and only gets 2 or 3 yards?

    .....You don't suppose that easy schedule last year had anything to do with it and that the Bears weren't due for some regression from that and some very hard to sustain defensive metrics? Trubs will probably be decent if given support and more time. He wasn't bad last year....
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    How is Mahomes getting the first downs on 3rd when Trubisky does the same play and only gets 2 or 3 yards?

    Uh....KC has a bad O line. Can't get a push....not a good pass blocking O line either. pro bowlers..... 1. If Andy Ried just schemes dudes open all over the place, why did we need Mahomes to begin with? Alex Smith should have been just racking up 40 TD seasons and winning superbowls...
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    Mahomes: Best QB in 2017 Draft Class

    Trubisky looks like he MIGHT be able to supplant Chad Henne as our backup in a few more years.