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  1. Briggs is GOAT

    Scariest Encounter You Have Had With Another Person?

    Luckily no one has ever made me feel as if they were going to try and pull some shit, and no one has ever gone ahead and actually pulled some shit either. What about you guys?
  2. Briggs is GOAT

    Parents Intentionally Leave 3 Year Old in Hot Car

    They left the child in there for 9.5 HOURS. Can someone explain to me why these two don't deserve to be fucking hung?
  3. Briggs is GOAT

    Most Beautiful Places You've Been

    1. Kayaking trip in Kefalonia, Greece. Went into caves that were really nice, water was beautiful. 2. Hiking to the bottom of the Grand Canyon was really nice. Different world down there. Craziest thing was crossing the bridge over the Colorado at 3 in the morning, we couldn't see it below us...
  4. Briggs is GOAT

    Thread of List......WORKOUTS

    What are your favorite/toughest workouts? 1. Live Wrestling 2. Hill Runs 3. Mile Repeats 4. Long Hikes 5. ab work
  5. Briggs is GOAT

    Anyone go to Law School?

    @RacerX you did right? For anyone who has, how was it? And what did you do after? It's something I've wanted to do for a long time, and now that the time is starting to draw near I thought I'd ask around.
  6. Briggs is GOAT

    Any of you Hunt?

    I don't, though I think if you're going to eat meat hunting is the way to go. So, anyone do it?
  7. Briggs is GOAT

    Predict the Playoffs

    NFC Wild Card Round: Bears over Eagles Seahawks over Cowboys AFC Wild Card Round: Colts over Texans Chargers over Ravens NFC Divisional Round: Bears over Rams Saints over Seahawks AFC Divisional Round: Chiefs over Colts Chargers over Patriots NFC Championship Game: Bears over Saints AFC...
  8. Briggs is GOAT

    This front 7

    Should all just go live in the Amazon and dominate the fucking ecosystem over there. They're ferocious. 10 Sacks in 2 games. Khalil Mack is worth every penny, Akiem Hicks just whoops ass and brings it every game, Eddie Goldman dominates the middle, Danny Trevathan has always brought it and been...
  9. Briggs is GOAT

    Prediction Time

    Predict the Bears Record and anything else you want to predict. It's time.
  10. Briggs is GOAT

    Adam Shaheen

    Is Shaheen going to be heavily involved in the passing game? I think it would be a big mistake for him not to be, he's a major red zone threat and I think he's a special talent. Great hands and incredible size makes him a handful. Shaheen should break out next year but they need to give him the...
  11. Briggs is GOAT

    Bears got robinson
  12. Briggs is GOAT

    Trubisky has now set the franchise rookie record

    For most passing yards. He has 2,015 yards this season, Orton used to have it with 1,869. Here's to many more franchise records from Mako Mitch Trubisky!
  13. Briggs is GOAT

    Is Matt Forte a Hall Of Famer?

    Yes or no? I think he absolutely should be, he's basically a lesser version of Marshall Faulk (who was incredible and a lock). I mean the guy has 14,408 yards from scrimmage (9,753 rushing, 4655 receiving), 75 total TDs (54 rushing, 21 receiving), and is easily one of the better dual threat...
  14. Briggs is GOAT

    The stupidity on this board is astounding

    The fact that people are saying Trubisky played poorly and that he's a bust is unbelievable. He missed a couple of throws and threw the game ending interception but FFS he had some incredible plays today. He threw dimes to Miller and McBride and the Miller TD should have been his 3rd TD of OVER...
  15. Briggs is GOAT

    Quarter of the season breakdown thread

    Team: Well to start with the team's record, they're 1-3 through the first 4 which is right around what most people thought. The defense is serviceable, when the O doesn't have a multi-turnover game they hold teams to pretty low scoring numbers, all 4 of the games played would have certainly been...
  16. Briggs is GOAT

    Adam Shaheen

    Ok so through 2 preseason games he has 2 catches for 12 yards, but could somebody tell me why he always seems to fuckin trip? It's not just on the 2 catches he's made, I also recall it happening when he was just running his route against Denver last week (he wasn't targeted on the pass). I mean...
  17. Briggs is GOAT

    Preseason Game #2, Post game thoughts.

    Spill the thoughts here folks.
  18. Briggs is GOAT

    Preseason Game 1 post game thoughts

    Spill all your thoughts here. Glennon: Trash but he deserves another go at it. So let's wait before we crucify him. Defense: The defense looked pretty good today (the starters), the pass rush was promising. The run could've been better but wasn't bad. Need to see more on them of course...
  19. Briggs is GOAT

    Predict the stats of these players for next season.

    Jordan Howard: 315 carries, 1320 yards, 8 touchdowns, 30 receptions 200 yards, 2 touchdowns. Cameron Meredith: 60 receptions, 750 yards, 5 touchdowns. Tarik Cohen: 42 carries, 200 yards, 2 touchdowns, 20 receptions, 1 touchdown. Adam Shaheen: 35 receptions, 300 yards, 3 touchdowns. Kevin White...
  20. Briggs is GOAT

    We won and all...but Barth didn't hit his Field Goal quota

    Barth looked to be well on his way to driving in the required 3 28 yarders after 2 field goals but Jeffery forgot to drop the ball on his TD catch so yeah. Whatever, I'm still on the Connor "Deadly Inside 40" Barth Bandwagon. Who's with me?