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  1. winos5

    NHL Center Ice package discounts

    I was renewing my subscription today and noticed there is a verification process for military/veterans and 1st responders to get substantial discounts on subscriptions for this season. Be sure to take advantage of it if you are eligible. At the top of the page there are little buttons to...
  2. winos5

    It's gonna be a wet, blustery weekend for me.

    Tropical Storm Harvey Looks like it will be a bull's eye for the Coastal Bend of Texas. Projected to be Cat 1 storm. Will linger around south Texas for 3-4 days, expecting around 20 inches of rain. Lots of flooding expected.
  3. winos5

    Action Camera

    So I'm looking to purchase an action camera/video set up. Is the GoPro that much better than some of the cheaper devices I see on internet? Looking to record softball games and practices to develop video for my daughters prospect page. Definitely need the wide angle lense, HD recording...
  4. winos5

    Next College Student Athlete (NCSA)

    Anybody have any experience or opinions of this for profit college athlete recruitment service? My daughter is hoping to play college softball. Any feed back is appreciated.
  5. winos5

    No hitter/perfect game

    My daughter pitched a perfect game last night. 1st one of her pitching career. 15-0 win after 3 innings due to mercy rules. 6 SO, no walks, no errors. Collected every out of the game (3 week ground outs back to the mound). Even more impressive last time we played this team she came in...
  6. winos5

    IGT Blackhawks VS Panthers,game=2016021109,game_state=preview 6 pm CST. TV: WGN in Chicagoland. NHLN for rest of US. Lets Go Hawks!!!!!!!
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    I'm a Grandpa

    It's official, I'm clearly an old grumpy fuck. Get off my lawn!!!!!!!! Seriously, healthy grandchild born last night.
  8. winos5

    Goon 2 Preview For my fellow hockey fans.
  9. winos5

    IGT: Blackhawks at Blues,game=2016020467,game_state=preview 700 PM CT. TV: CSN-Chi Lets Go Hawks! Just win 4-2 MassHavoc's penis
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    Trainspotting 2
  11. winos5

    Log in issue

    Could not log in on the main message board/forum page. Would click the link and nothing pops up. Was able to log in from Blackhawks forum. Temporary glitch?
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    Underworld/Beckinsale fans
  13. winos5

    Keith's knee rehab

    May miss games at beginning of season, rehab on going
  14. winos5

    Prospects Touney

    Schedule Roster According to all games are being streamed live (I assume a link from Balckhawks official site, details pending). Good opportunity to see Schmaltz and Motte in action.
  15. winos5

    Laws of Stupid

    5 Rules of being stupid Cold hard facts.
  16. winos5

    Worlds Smallest Baby thriving at 9 months

    World' smallest baby thriving at 9 months A tribute to medical science. No signs of developmental issues or deficits either which is remarkable.
  17. winos5

    The Las Vegas Hawks I think I like Nighthawks > Red Hawks > Desert Hawks
  18. winos5

    Dental floss

    Scientific evidence to support is limited and very weak, flossing may be harmful for some patients
  19. winos5

    Prospect Camp July 10-15

    2016 Prospect Camp At Johnny's Ice House West. Rosters
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    NHL Draft, who should the Blackhawks Target?

    Central Scouting Ranks for NA skaters European skaters