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  1. Tostada


    First time in Packer franchise history that they won entering the 4th quarter down by 17+ points. They were 0-111, now 1-111. Fuck you Nagy.
  2. Tostada

    Hilarious. ..

    Reporter: how did you find out about the Mack trade? Trubs: My mom came into my room and told me we traded for Khalil Mack... True story....
  3. Tostada

    Long just called Trubs the Offensive Captain

    Thoughts? This was on NFL Network...
  4. Tostada

    Two drunk packer fans walk into a whorehouse

    The mom says, "Girls, your brothers are back. Make sure they pay this time."
  5. Tostada

    New Thread #1

    Who will have a better rookie year . Roquan Smith or Bradley Chubb. Discuss..ill have a stick of butter an figure out the nuances. Points: 1. Both are very NFL ready. 2. Both are entering good systems with solid support.
  6. Tostada

    Smith and Trubisky Smith vs 6:49 it starts.
  7. Tostada

    Fucking Pace is a Mierda Head...

    Mierda! Pendejo! You could have drafted James or Minkah! You got Ragdoll Smith. You Pendejo Mierda. Our D is going to be pounded on in the run game with all the fucking lightweights we have at LB.