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    Who is responsible for players Health and Physical fitness

    Anyone know? has it been the same person or people the past say 5 years? we all know the game takes it's toll, but sure seems like our Bears suffer more then other teams do. does this part of the staff change along with the coaches or do the Bears have a special place all the players go? i just...

    Has pace signed any UDFA's or going after anymore FA's

    i think ive seen maybe 1 or 2 signings, but isn't pace usually vigilante, after the draft? seen tre boston was cut, and wondering about J. Howard. we need some D-line depth. looks as if we signed some O-linemen, but we need a few D-linemen to.

    Are The Bears The Rodney Dangerfield Of The League?

    I just can't help to notice how bias espn, etc... are when it comes to our Bears. We draft a player at 2, and they say as little as possible to acknowledge said pick. they avoid, beat around the bush, or just won't say anything good about our team. i can't be the only 1 to notice this...

    Unbelievable Playcalling

    Besides the offense, the defense playcalling seems just as bad. this sux

    RB Situation

    Was great to see howard tote the rock, like a beast he is. not sure how badly langford was injured. carey never made the trip. the RB situation seems to have a problem. it's hard to watch our team, when they can't even seem to establish the run game. now we have 2 of 3 RB's injured. who comes in...

    Pick 1 F/A who could make a difference

    Many good players will be available come free agency. if you could only pick 1 player, in free agency, who could make a difference. who would it be? mine would be calvin johnson. why, you might ask. top reciever for 1. great personality. loves the game. good locker room presence. knows the...

    Terry Williams

    was wondering if anyone knows what happened with this kid? showed some promise during preseason. looked decent. even fought through double teams to make plays. thought he showed enough to hang around, even on the practice squad. anyone know if someone else picked him up or not?

    Willy Young

    wanted to see if anyone knows. if willy isn't traded, what happens to him? do we keep him or waive/cut him? wonder if he hasn't comeback from that injury well enough or not. strange thing is he and bass used to rotate. now bass is gone as well. fox n fangio adding some beef to our defense now.

    Defensive ideas

    i am not sure if anyone has gone over all the potential defensive minded coaches out there. so i will try. would be great to have a guy like matt patricia associated with our team. at this point, i don't think the bears are set on who they want. would mike singletary be an option? perhaps dick...

    Wondering About

    when do the real NFL refs return? sure do miss them. even tho they have a few bad days, it couldn't be worse then what we have now. any date set as to when they will return?

    Thank You

    thrilled to be a part of a chicago bears community.been a bears fan for almost 40 years.i do post from time to time,but not as much as some people do,lol.i try to be active as much as possible.bleed blue n orange.i am hopeing that this is the place i can call home.along with many other bears...