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    Kyle Long "stepping away"

    Says many fans will probably be happy to hear it. He was a darned good guard when he first came to the NFL. During the Trestman years, when the so-called leaders on D simply stopped playing, Long played his heart out. It was certainly time to move on, but he played harder than most players do...
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    Why does CCS on iphone affect sound?

    When I am listening to music on my iPhone and log into CCS, it often stops the music. Tonight I had the music off, but airpods in, and when I logged onto CCS, I heard sounds - almost like static, thiugh it can’t be since it is digital. What gives?
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    Bill Buckner has passed away.

    He was 69, and died of Lewy Body Dementia. One of my all time favorites, Buckner was the first guy the Cubs had who seemed to "get it". Two of my favorite memories involved Buckner. One was a HR off that dipshit Mad Hungarian. Buckner, with his bad ankle, took a week to get around the bases...
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    Karma comes calling for Reuben Foster

    Serial woman beater - and escape artist - Reuben Foster, who was picked up by the Redskins after being released by San Fran, has torn his ACL, and will miss the upcoming season.
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    OT: Mike McCarthy - still an ass

    Berating HS basketball officials because his stepson's team lost. I miss him so much, He is such a peach of a guy.
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    OT: Robert Kraft arrested for soliciting prostitute

    In Jupiter, FL police have arrested Robert Kraft for soliciting prostitution in a human trafficking ring bust
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    Just more BS from one of the Bennett Bros.

    On the final play of Sunday's game, as Drew Brees knelt on the ball, our hero Michael Bennett reached across and grabbed the O Lineman by the back of the helmet on the "non-play". Then, as he walked off the field, Bennett confronted a cameraman who had said nothing, and berated him for 11...
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    Timeouts being allowed from the sideline

    Timeouts being allowed from the sideline is one of the worst rules in football. That is not an excuse for yesterday. Parkey should have made the second kick, and I am by no means excusing him or feeling sorry for him. But allowing a TO from the sidelines is a rule I have hated since the first...
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    Super Bowl favorites losing

    I keep hearing the Cowboys and Seahawks are the teams nobody will want to face in the playoffs. Both lost today. Cowboys did not score a point and lost 23-0. Seattle lost to a bad SF team. (Maybe the Bears will take notice.) Not saying these teams - or some others who lost this week - can't...
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    Called it - Brandon Marshall cut by Saints

    While many said he had finally broken his playoff drought, I warned that he had not made it yet. The Saints cut him before he saw the postseason. Called it !!
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    Why wait until Black Monday?

    I know at his point of the season, there's no turning things around with a new coach. And there are some guys who seem almost certain to lose their jobs on Black Monday this year. But how do you wait, and why would you wait, on these guys - Todd Bowles - his team just allowed 41 points to a...
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    Funny, but sad: Raiders gave Jamarcus Russell blank "game" tapes

    Former NFL OL, and former Illini, David Diehl said on talk radio this week that when Russell was Raiders' QB, the coaching staff tested to see if he was watching the game tapes he was supposed to be studying. They gave him blank tapes, and he would come to practice the next day saying he had...
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    OT: Glad I don't watch Get Up regularly

    The Monday after an NFL Sunday, and the final day of the MLB regular season. Two Game 163's to decide two divisions. And "Get Up" opens with????? You guessed it: Lebron in a PREseason NBA game in September! I did get a kick out of hearing dumbass, loudmouth Stephen A. Smith talk about Frank...
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    No game today?

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    Mark Sanchez suspended

    Who takes PEDs to hold a clipboard?
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    Tip of the cap to King Felix

    Felix Hernandez is now tied for first for most opening day wins in MLB history. He shut down the Indians tonight allowing just one run, and has tied Walter Johnson with 9 Opening Day wins. I have not watched him pitch much, with him being in both the AL and the Pacific Time Zone. But that's a...
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    Jake lands in Philly

    Arrieta has reportedly agreed to terms with the Phillies. I consider this great news for both the Phillies and the Cubs, as he stays away from teams contending in 2018.
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    Former Bears TE Chris Gedney dead at 47 Way too young.
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    Alex Smith traded to Washington

    Smith to Washington. Details to follow.
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    Philip "Teflon" Rivers

    Over the last two to three week, analysts all over the NFL have predicted the Chargers win the AFC West. So, they go to KC with the season in the balance, and Rivers throws three INT's. NO criticism. Mike "Vanilla" Tirico gives him the Favre treatment and praises him for "trying to make...