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    Bears: Second healthiest team in NFL in 2019 All the more reason we head towards 4-12 next season. This years team was very fortunate to end up 8-8.
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    I’m proud of the way our boys never gave up

    Even against difficult circumstances on the road and knowing we could not make the playoffs, we beat a team that was 6-1 at home in their house. Even down late we kept fighting and pulled it out. This team believes in Nagy, we can all see it. Great job boys on giving us one last heart stopping...
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    Bears Chiefs next week

    The season is on the line. Can we keep our Super Bowl hopes alive? Who do you have winning? We just need a Chargers win today and we are back.
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    Tom Waddle vs Anthony Miller

    Now that Waddle has disrespected our defenses biggest leader, let’s see how he fares against our offenses leader.
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    Pace should go before Nagy and Trubisky

    Should Nagy and Trubisky go? Sure. But Pace is responsible for them, along with the lack of cap space and picks. If Nagy and Trubisky stay next year all that will happen is they suck it up another year while we bottom out. Pace on the other hand has every incentive to do the worst possible...
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    Could Mack be CUT?

    He has just one sack in six games now. The Bears have him on contract for 70 more games, at his current rate in six games that only puts him on pace for 11.5 sacks for the next four and a half years. When we think of this years Bears struggles, we think of guys like Long and Mack not caring...
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    Will the Raiders make the playoffs?

    They are 4-4 with an unusually easy schedule the rest of the way. 9-7 could get them into the playoffs this year. If they make it, our pick we get from them will be at least the 21st in the second round, if not later depending on seeding and whether they win a playoff game.
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    Blaming Hicks injury for the teams problems is pathetic

    The Bears have 21/22 starters (Long doesn’t count) playing. Every week, every team that beats us has worse injuries than we do. We have one of the healthiest teams in the NFL. Nothing else to add.
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    Is Nagy the worst Bears coach in your lifetime?

    Thoughts? He’s dumber than Trestman, but has a talented defense that can carry him to more wins. But he’s dumber.
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    The truth about last years team

    They had the easiest schedule in the league, fewest penalties in the league, and second least time missed by starters in the league. They flew under the radar most of the year and lost when they played a serious game in the post season against a team that couldn’t overlook us. They were more...
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    Trade Mack and rebuild

    We can’t win with our current team and have no money or draft picks going forward. We have been badly mismanaged. Time to clean out our coach, GM, QB, clean up bad contracts, and trade anything with value.
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    Rank the following QBs

    Trubisky Cousins Stafford
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    Bears win tomorrow

    -Bears need the win more -Brees out -At home -Coming off bye week -People expect us to lose Bears: 27 Saints: 17
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    Is Nagy a good head coach?

    Is Nagy a good head coach?
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    Bears Saints

    At home, coming off a bye, potentially no Brees. We got this, right?
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    Is Trubisky done if Daniel plays remotely effectively?

    If Daniel actually runs the offense, completes check downs, avoids turnovers, and enables the defense to win the team games, is the job his? Is Trubisky DONE with the team?
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    Jordan Howard with three touchdowns against Green Bay

    Imagine if we had a back that could do that.
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    Is game against Vikings a MUST WIN?

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    Last years Bears was by far their best chance

    Easiest schedule in the league Second least time missed by starters to injury in the league Gives up multiple future first round picks, a future second round pick, and burned through future cap space like crazy to win in 2018 at the expense of the future. Loses multiple starters as a result...
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    How would you compare Trubisky last year to Cutler?

    Out of Cutler’s eight years with the team, how many seasons did Cutler have that you would say were better than Trubisky last year?