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  1. TexasBearfan

    Chris Simms on Trubisky

    Chris Simms seems to be putting some of the Trubs failure on Nagy and Pace....there was no reason to play him when we had the giraffe, no Oline, No weapons etc...
  2. TexasBearfan

    OT Percy Harvin Dez Bryant making comebacks

    sign them or stick with the amazing wims, the unknown ridley
  3. TexasBearfan

    Foles all Superbowl throws

    he made some amazing TD throws but some of his throws were Alshon bailing him out, I had forgotten just how good Alshon can be when his vag doesn't hurt....there's a huge difference between an Alshon and Wims
  4. TexasBearfan

    Deep Ball Project data

    we now have 2 years of data for Trubisky for the deep ball project. Some of this data may surprise, IMO it shows that the statement Kyle Long made recently is dead on. Here is the data from the previous season
  5. TexasBearfan

    Bears steal an OG from Vic?

    according to this kid on instagram he's going to be joining the beloved, makes me wonder who's about to get sent packing
  6. TexasBearfan

    OT Thank God we didn't draft Mariota

    have any of you guys been watching this kid today, I'm sorry but Trubisky > Mariota, even as a young pup still pooping on the carpet I'd take Trubisky any day. Mariota makes up his mind he's going to throw to someone and throws a laser dart with no touch and that's it. Yes he's fast and a good...
  7. TexasBearfan

    Yahoo Sports on Trubisky Moon Mullins Matt Nagy and Mark Helfrich are finding out one thing about Mitch Trubisky, he simply isn't particularly accurate or effective going downfield with his passes. At least, not yet. First things first...
  8. TexasBearfan

    Official thank you for the rebans

    Oh wait sorry, it hasn't happened yet #calledit
  9. TexasBearfan

    Over/Under on Brandon Marshall getting 2 TDs on us

    even with our upgraded pass rush will they be able to get to the amazing scrambler Wilson? And how much payback do you think Marshall will want against the team that sent him packing? I think Lockett is faster than Cobb, and Marshall can still go up and get it...I am not sleeping on the...
  10. TexasBearfan

    Cool article on Michael Joseph

    I used to drive to TC every year, and was interested in seeing the draft picks but there's a part of me that can't help but root for the bottom of the roster's a really cool article on Michael Joseph, what a journey, it's so impressive to me to see the kids like this that work their...
  11. TexasBearfan

    Chandler Hutchison highlights

    I'm pretty pumped about this kid, he seems to have a warrior spirit that I really like...smooth as silk too ridiculous
  12. TexasBearfan

    Why we should NOT pick Nelson

    I have compiled some articles that have positions ranked by importance in the NFL.....The best most recent Oline the Bears have had IMO was when we had Tait, Ruben Brown (at the end of his career), Kreutz, Garza with no cartilage and Miller. Tait and Ruben were both 1st rounders, the max a RB...
  13. TexasBearfan

    Pff Robinson perfect for bears
  14. TexasBearfan

    Huge jersey sale

    I know I know, you're not going to spend any cash on this team until.....but who can resist getting that Vladimir Ducasse replica jersey? I'm not sure if this is some hijacked Chinese site or what but great prices...not sure what a polyester...
  15. TexasBearfan

    Rookie QB's and interceptions

    I wonder whose stat holds three 3 interception games and eight 2 interception games their rookie year? I wonder who threw 3 interceptions in the 12th start of his rookie year...
  16. TexasBearfan

    Bears Christmas shwag deal thread.

    I know I know...don't spend any more money on this shit show until they fix it.....unfortunately my blood runs blue and orange and I still represent, even in New England with all these Tom Brady pole smokers. I had bought some stuff from LIDS and was floored to later find some better deals with...
  17. TexasBearfan

    Receiver types and what we'll need for next year.

    I was in shock when I read the Panthers traded Benjamin because he's so huge he seems dominant, but if you read this article it's an eye opener. Notice how the addition of a speed WR opens it up for every other WR...
  18. TexasBearfan

    Trubisky won't be franchise qb per Charlotte Observer
  19. TexasBearfan

    Bears gear sale 10/04

    Haven't looked all the way through this but some looks decent
  20. TexasBearfan

    Bears gear

    gents, I live in New England and coach flag football every year, this year it finally happened, I got The Bears and I want to represent but I have 2 older Bears hats, both of which collapse at the top of the dome and sag down and look stupid. Do any of you have recommendations for good hats...