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  1. Calabis

    How can you be mad at the picks

    Two nice picks..why are people upset?
  2. Calabis

    Breakdown of Foles

    Sorry if posted just popped up for me
  3. Calabis

    If we keep Pace, please trade our 1st rounders

    Dude is a joke with 1st round picks.....White, Floyd and soon to be Tribusky.....get this mfer away from the 1st round now
  4. Calabis

    Maybe we are too hard on Mitch

    Not saying he isnt sucking, but just watching the first half of this vid, is sad. Fire Nagy and address the oline, no QB has success with this shit
  5. Calabis

    Fangio wants to poach Dontrelle for DC

    Fangio wants to poach Donatell for DC
  6. Calabis

    Please get rid of O'donnell

    After that stupid shit show of offensive play calling, prior to Eagles TD drive...this bum kicked the ball 30 something yards. Giving them good field possession... Tired of him
  7. Calabis

    Mike McCarthy fired in Green Bay

    Lol Edit for the link homers
  8. Calabis

    Rose Bowl

    Although I hope Oklahoma wins...its comical how cocky Mayfield was earlier and now shit just got real....lmao
  9. Calabis

    Raiders vs Cowgirls

    Carr looks pathetic...wth happened to this squad.
  10. Calabis

    Demarcus Lawerence

    Thoughts? Should the Bears attempt to get him? I know it depends on who we hire, but he is definitely better than Mcphee and plays pass and run very well....sorry Sunday boredom.
  11. Calabis

    Packers vs Panthers

    Can't believe the call Packers just got....Panthers scored next play though
  12. Calabis

    The I said tired of refs bullshit

    Found this reference to fumbles: Rule 3, section 2: A recovery is made when a player inbounds secures possession of a loose ball after it has touched the ground. Rule 3, section 2, article 7: Item 2. Possession of Loose Ball. To gain possession of a loose ball that has been caught...
  13. Calabis

    Eagles vs Broncos Burton TD catch

    If u want to get pissed about the Miller catch...please watch that shit...TD catch given. I dont have a gif
  14. Calabis

    Anyone have gif of this play?

    When Ingram landed on his head and Urein recovered and they said he was down. I was at bar so the only replay I saw was game one...and he lost it way before he hit ground. I was told he regained control, was from good poster so Ill trust his opinion ....but I just want to see the play...
  15. Calabis

    Nice Chicago
  16. Calabis

    If he diesnt take QB early or trades back up to get one

    Give me J. Peppers...put him at safety. It would be nice to have a playmaker in the secondary. I can see M. BROWN type ability, minus the injuries.
  17. Calabis

    Dallas offensive line

    Makes anyone look good....Dak has 10 years to throw and Zeke is five yards up th field before touched....cant wait to see them, if they lose that luxury
  18. Calabis

    Congratulations to Cubs fans

    I am not a Cubs fan, but congrats too you guys....insanely long time with crazy shit happening....almost happened again last night and they pulled it off. Congrats fellas!
  19. Calabis

    Lmao at Vikings vs Eagles game

    Wentz int returned to 3...Bradford responds with int in Eagles end zone. Wentz bad hand-off attempt Vikings recover and are in scoring position....Bradford responds and gets strip sacked and Eagles pick it up and return it for a Oops he was touched down by contact so no TD...
  20. Calabis

    Anyone have a gif or vid.....

    Of the so called catch last night? I was amazed at that bullshit and the Hoyer Roughing call(below)...we suck, but wtf is going on with these calls